alice in wonderland

sharing my latest cosmetics purchase! 😀 i think i havent bought eyeshadows in like one whole year already! (my last eye shadow palette must have been majolica’s bought last year January!)

i went down all the way to Sephora at Ion for this!

the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows by Urban Decay! 🙂

the packaging is mad pretty! 

and when you flip up the cover, it reveals a pop up illustration together with a mirror! OMG…. super cute please! *sucker for cute stuff*

i love the 3-dimensional feel to it 🙂

even the pull out tray has got such cute prints on it!


lots of shimmery pretty colors! 😀

the packaging is really just gorgeous! 


anyway previously i did a basic makeup tutorial thingy right? which you can find here if you havent seen it already! (get to see my non made up pictures like ghost like that!) i have noooo idea how to go about doing an eye makeup tutorial, so here’s just a bunch of pictures i took while doing my eyes with the UD palette:

oooops. can’t see my eye makeup at all right! 🙁 can only see eyeliner. haha!

what i used: the UD palette and eyeshadow blending brush from TBS!

base color: DRINK ME, EAT ME
highlights: WHITE RABBIT
outer corner: JABBERWOCKY
to blend into my eyelids: MIDNIGHT TEA PARTY, ORACULUM

half done

complete with eyeliner, and falsies!

BTW, my falsies are from DAISO and they look like this:

comes in a box of 2 sets and it’s really natural! pretty cheap too considering.

and what my eye makeup would look like on a face chart:

super simple! i can’t really take smoky eyes because i’d just look like i walked right into someone’s fist, so i usually “play cheat” by using dark colors on my outer eye corners and use a light shade on the inner eye corners to still have a subtle smokey eyed look.

can’t really see the eyeshadow when my eyes are open though -_-

and since i was on a roll with the Alice in Wonderland theme, i wore my cute little Ace of Spades necklace…

and my entire Alice themed outfit: white ribbon hairband, check, blue/white dress, check, mary jane shoes, check! i likey! so oozing with girly sweetness haha.


i went for the helipad flea thingy last saturday and boy was it crowded!

just some pictures to illustrate the crowdedness.

and of course, im guessing most people were there for..

yay! got myself two dresses! ;D 

YZ came with me, good thing Farah and JM came as well so JM and YZ had company while Farah and i braved the crowded at the BC side..
love love the pleated mandarin collar blouse in peach! sucha uber pretty color and gorgeous design.

so my recent loots including a dress from the flea, (can’t take pictures of the other dress i got because it requires an inner slip which i dont haveeee!!)

DKNY inspired dress from  , i had a different color combi previously BUT it got spoilt due to ironing 🙁 so i bought it in another color combi this time round, love it! 🙂

colorful knit top from  , i love the colors and all but only just realised after trying it on that the armholes go ALL THE WAY TO MY UNDIES??!! 🙁 need to wear it with inner tube/leggings most probably! very unique piece though!

polkadot M neckline dress from hollyhoque! this is gina’s actually.. just tried it on and it’s quite pretty! can fit me too! 😀 abit tight at the PTP but there’s elastic so it’s not too bad.



aaand btw backorders are up for the slouchy belted dress in grey that i love so much! am joining the BO myself for it.. mwahahaha! love this comfy dress to pieces!

BO closes on Thurs night so quick place your orders for it fast!

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