the travelogues; korea'09

 i think i mentioned a long time ago about doing a korea post.. haha! maybe like 3 months ago?? but never mind, i decided to wait til today to do it because it was exactly a year ago that this trip took place 🙂 and i am amazed that my hair has grown a significant amount in this one year!!! yay! (as you will be able to see from the pictures, duh) 

because this trip happened so long ago, am not going to elaborate much, so it’s just gonna be pictures! 🙂 was still using a pretty crappy canon ixus 90 or something so the pictures are not that awesome, i really can’t wait to bring out the ep-1 on my next overseas trip! which is unfortunately not so soon 🙁 i adore the thrill of being in a foreign land. it feels so liberating or maybe i am just an escapist at heart.










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