presenting.. The Velvet Dolls!

i just designed the logo for my sister’s upcoming blogshop   and I LOVE THE LOGO LIKE MAD CAN??? spent alot of effort on it! hai. my sister is damn lucky to have a designer for a sister. can help her design, photoshop, website layout and everything else for free!!! 

nice or not? i love it alot!! the doll illustration is done by me, while i roped in   to help me with the typo/words! i think it looks awesome la! i love the colors, the fonts and everything!

basically, the concept of the logo is based loosely on the idea of russian dolls! so i did up different variations of the dolls to use on the website. in different color schemes!! 😀 😀 note the heart shaped mouth, i just thought it was really sweet!

i even adore the little LJ icon i made. hahahaha! isnt it adorable?
anyone else wants to hire me to design your logo for you? paying jobs only please! only sisters get special perks.

in any case, the first collection will be launched soon i think, maybe over the weekend! and guess who will be modelling 😛 i’ve checked out the stocks and i feel like keeping every piece for myself!!! but i think Gina will kill me if i do that. helloo i am free labour ok? the least you could do is to reward me with some clothes. 

i’m not sure when but i think a preview of the first collection will be up on site soon,
so do join the mailing list to receive special mailing list privileges (free postage!) and updates!! 😀
show your support for meee plssssssss :((((

(showing off my design work again. haha!)
and of course visit the website to check out my awesome design work!


not forgetting the TVD twitter page here:
and facebook fan page here: 

oh and you can check out Gina’s blog too!   in case she has any other interesting updates. hohoho. will try to put up previews of the clothes for you all soon! i’m quite excited to be modelling but i scared fat :(( but nevermind photoshop will zap away all my fats!!!! 😀 😀 and i also asked a special somebody to help model for TVD… sooo.. STAY TUNED!!! 😀 😀 😀

 should totally thank me because all my blog readers are going to join her mailing list like right now right?? THANK YOU!!!!

EDIT: just did the photoshoot and the first preview picture is up!! hehee. no more surprise as to who is the other model already, so here it is!

tentative launch date will be tomorrow, Sunday 8pm! yay!!! but BOOOO to my ugly photoshoot 🙁  looks SOOO much better than me!!! 🙁 lucky got her around to help model if not damn chui already.


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