the last of january

hello everyone.

and i panicked when i couldnt find my name (??!!!)

buttttt it’s there! if you can spot it :X so it’s official: i made it to round 2!! 😀 😀
12 singers made it out of the 35ish that came for auditions, which is roughly 1 in 3 so it doesnt sound that tough to get through right. i dont think i should be so happy yet because high chances are that i will flunk round 2 lor. but it’s okaaayyyy experience is good. 

next round is on the 10th of february! and it’ll be pretty tough cos you dont get to choose what songs you wanna sing, the judges will pick 3 songs including one duet and you’ll have to sing them impromptu! amen to me and my poor song knowledge 🙁 but you know what. i’ll just go there and sing my heart out. fucking nerves. stay away from me! (ohmygod did i just use the F word publicly here? whatever)


in search of lorong9 beef horfun last thursday. traipsed from one end of geylang to the other on foot just for our meal! good exercise to negate the calories. 

the food!

海鮮生麵.. good! crispy fried noodles and very yummy sauce

牛肉河粉.. good as well! love the beef, very tender.

sambal kangkong.. good but a tad too salty.

cereal prawn. have had better elsewheres.. 

a grand feast for the three who’ve walked the whole of geylang from guillemard road to geylang lor9 just for food! (i google mapped it, it was a 2km walk hawhaw ok that’s not too bad)


speaking of food, i just want to rant about bad food as well! grrrr. if there’s one thing i hate, it’s wasting good money and good calories on baaaad food. double pisses me off because bad food is never worth the money and even more not worth the calories. if i get fat on good food, it’s justified enough but horrible food just dont deserve my getting fat. and having had really bad food consecutively two days in a row, i’m just really angry for both my pocket and my stomach >:(

so without further ado i advise (and implore) you to stay away from these two places:

#1 billy bombers at Cathay
the food bombed huge time (pun intended) and i paid like 40 over dollars for a miserable and bland meal:
$19.90 for a mixed platter consisting of nachos, 3 cheese baked mussels and a few rodeo wings, when we asked for cheese to go with the nachos, they told us that we had to pay an extra $2 for the cheese, fair enough and it came in a huge serving, but the cheese tasted so diluted and bland that the whole thing was left untouched by us. my mushroom burger which cost 15.50 was not good either, the beef patty was tasteless and hard, the mushrooms were not fragrant at all and i ended up only eating half the burger before giving up. my friend’s 1/2 rack of ribs were marinated ok, but were grilled way too tough and dry. not a pleasant experience at all. the only thing on the menu worth your taste buds is probably the milkshake. but other than that i think i am turned off any billy bombers anywhere else from now on. (do not confuse with USA hip diners or whatever that outlet is called, they have way better and more variety of food on the menu) mad pissed off!

#2 chinatown food street
this should have been obvious that it’s a tourist trap but i dont know why we ended up there for supper yesterday, firstly food is way overpriced, like $5 for a tiny plate of oyster omelette and etc. we went to a stall asking for hokkien mee and they said “we dont sell hokkien mee here, we only sell singapore fried noodles” WTF is singapore fried noodles i have never heard of it in my life. so we ordered a plate of it, and it turned out to be soggy yee mee fried with abit of cabbage, meat, crabstick and fishcake which is utter crap i tell you, my mother could probably make a better singapore fried noodles any day than the shit we paid $5 for. the oyster omelette tasted bad too, too much flour and extremely greasy and oily. ordered prawn noodles soup from another stall, and you wouldnt even be able to tell that it were prawn noodles soup if not for the prawns and yellow noodles, the soup base just tasted like MSG and salt, no distinctive taste of prawn soup at all wtf. i feel so cheated eating there! and imagine all the tourists who go there thinking they’re having “authentic singaporean food” really i feel sorry for them. 


but you know what makes me feel better?

the best meal i’ve had in the past 2 crap food days. KOI grass jelly milk tea and McD’s twister fries 🙂 worth all my calories and every penny.


peace out everybardi. go stuff yourselves with some yummy food for my injustices suffered.

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