the french creperie

 bonjour, & bon appetit.

by the way, it’s pronounced “crair-pes” and not “crey-pes”!

my three gorgeous dining partners


and the GF1, partner-in-crime to my EP1
we had a heated discussion over EP1 vs GF1, but i conclude, to each their own and we both love our cameras so it’s all good 🙂

me+fish, twas a bad hair day ):

studiously studying the menu, and the other looking all pro photographer

popart filter, psychedelic!

niceeee. and omg skinny arm shot!

and a series of grainy BW film effect filters

do you see the ghostly imprint of a palm? hahaha.

back to the food!

the olives that we didnt touch.. haha!

apple cider!

my first time eating snail innards. also known as escargot….. it kind of tastes like squid.

and of course, savoury crepes for our main course (:

caught in the act:

and the very cosy nautical-themed interior deco

cheers to good food and friendship (:

desserts, ice cream crepes & creme brulee (:

and check out this very unseemly dish

but it was served in the most spectacular fashion

flaming grand marnier!

so pretty, no? but the iridescent blue flames died soon after ):


the bill was a hefty amount though ): heartpain heartpain! all my angbao money has been spent on food (terrible!!!) and i’m pretty much a poor church mouse now. $_$ but good food and company is worth it (: til the next time!

the outfit:

simple black grecian dress from  🙂
paired with gold flats and the deep pink HVV bal-inspired tote!

oh did i mention that i went to dorothy perks (where i took the picture above) and i managed to squeeze myself into a pair of size8 jeans??! i was MAD happy, until i went to cotton on to test it out with another pair of uk8 shorts which i tried on and looked like kidswear on me 🙁 apparently a fluke because i guess my fat butt is still a uk10… lol! and all the CNY eating hasnt helped a single bit!


i got dear jazreel of  to custom make a set of couple charms for YZ & I to hang on our mobiles, and look what she came up with!!!

so so so super sweet! i am in love with the embossed hearts and the lovebirds :))) swavorski pearl on mine to add a more girly touch to differentiate the two, while YZ’s is plainer 🙂 got them in the mail today and they’ve hanging on our mobiles already 🙂 YZ loves them as well! and of course they’re not just pretty, there’s a meaning to this pair of matching charms,

in jaz’s own words,
I have decided to go for the vintage-y look because the other time you preferred the more victorian frame instead of the ‘plain-er’ one (: and it’s not too cutesy or girly or colourful for a guy (: tried to make the charm look as ‘vintage’ as possible as i thought that this vintage inspired theme will suit your long lasting relationship with YZ (: — subtle on the outside but strong on the inside (: and the one with the swarovski pearl belongs to you! — i thought it’ll suit you (:

so thoughtful right!!!
lol YZ LOVES coupley stuff though i know alot of guys probably cringe at them 😛 he thinks the charms are adorable too! thinking of engraving our names on the back though to make em even more personalised and special 🙂

also requested her to remake a customised chain necklace she did for another customer previously, simple yet chic!

ok i just stole the picture off sensibar’s website. hahaha.

anyway, love them all! am thinking of getting jaz to collaborate with gina for some TVD + sensibar specials 😀 how awesome does that sound! excitezzzzzz!!!

been busy the past few days with some freelance comic work again, sometimes i think i have a love/hate relationship with my job, i try to convince myself that coloring comics sounds tons funner than a boring office job, but i do get frustrated and unhappy especially when i can’t bring the lines to life with my colors ): quite stressful actually.. it requires alot of focus and concentration which i seriously lack! not to mention awesome l337 skills that i’m still trying to achieve. and it’a also hard work for a menial sum of money… but it seems that i’m more or less stuck with my profession because i really dont know how to do anything else. i’m so useless right ): 

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