i love the lace cheongsam so much but i didnt get to take as many pretty pictures as i wanted to! 🙁 nevertheless. love love love and the bf’s family loved it too! (: am glad i got it in red because it really looks alot better on me than the pink. yummy yummy dress but i was so wary of huge movements, i was reaching for something and i heard this terrible terrible tearing sound at my armpit.. gawd… I can’t handle the lace!!! *anxiety attack* plus i’m actually really bad with sticking on falsies and i was in mortal fear of one of the falsies dropping off and sticking to my butt in the sexiest fashion without me realising it. boo. 

today is already 初五 and life has resumed back to a semblance of normal; ie messy clothes-strewn bedroom and stupid QQ peeing on my sofa again. will try to update with the shitload of pictures i took during the past couple of days over the next few posts! some freelance work has started coming in for me and i need to get my momentum going again. work work work! i feel so sluggish, after such a long hiatus of not “working” now i have to get work done again! ughh it’s so hard to concentrate! my mind is all over the place!

oh, and  just updated with the 2nd collection and my hair looks totally SHIT in the photoshoot man. i need a hair cut/dye job and i’m even considering rebonding the mess. just terrible! ): i tried putting up my hair but then my head just looked like one round ball! hate TTM. hope the hair stylist can work some magic on me soon!

i desperately need change. 

there’s been alot of bullshit going around on the forums lately,  whats with all the politicks? seriously lor cat fights breaking out every other day. just shut up and mind your own business and i’ll mind mine tvym.

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