day 1: dress up, make up, steamboat, mahjong, camwhore and more camwhore.

WIW, miss-selfrige inspired bustier in fuschia, from bonitochico! (i’ve been wearing BC clothes for CNY three days in a row!!)

this dress makes my boobies look bigger. 

dolling up in the morning, my sisters should be glad because on top of stealing my dresses for CNY i am like free labor makeup-artist for them.

steamboat D: CNY is steamboat feast for us, we usually eat steamboat for a straight 4-5 days nonstop during CNY. i love steamboat though (only my home cooked one!) so it’s all good for me!

the relatives all having lunch. we take turns to eat so there’s no such thing as reunion.

i thought this used to be “white rabbit milk candy” but now it’s “golden monkey milk candy”??! changed brand or is it an imitation?

poor dog dressed up in festive red and looking all doleful/pitiful for some reason or other. 

me! i put a flower in my hair! 😀 can’t really see it though -_- 

lina & i, she’s wearing my coral toga from megagamie! looks pretty good on her actually, the coral complements her tan skin! at least i look fairer next to her by contrast. : x


and with Ah Fat. everyone who visits for CNY never fails to comment on how fat she is. tsk! 4.5kg of hefty chihuahua-ness. and she didnt want to look at the camera!

but  Oreo was going on a testosterone high that day and kept on wanting to hump our poor dog -_-

Oreo’s really adorable most of the time. and he’s so enthusiastic to everyone too, we joke that if a burglar ever broke in Oreo’d just wag his tail and lick the perpetrator all over.

and our fat Baby who barks at everyone but still wags her tail and allows her belly to be scratched by everyone anyway


tried to get her to look at the camera but to no avail -_-

Gina with QQ and Nelly with Oreo

before and after QQ’s hair gets clipped up, she looks super shaggy and scruffy but she shook off the hair clip in no time at all ): so naughty!
mumsy with QQ. just realised that we didnt take any group pictures with mummy yet!! 


YZ & i ♥ 

the rest with the sisters, by the photographer of the day (YZ)

yes we are three hiao char bo. notice that everyone’s in MY clothes. tsk!

the dog who gets the least “air time” on my blog, Pepper! she’s so shaggy and getting fat too her butt is real fat now.

no more pictures from day 1!

i’ve been losing money! ): no luck with the cards this year. terrible ): 

and after trying on a million and one dresses this morning in a bid to look for something to wear (ok i exaggerated. i tried on about 3 dresses.) i’ve decided that i need to do a dress clearance so i think im going to be putting up my unwanted dresses for sale here!! hmmmmmmm soon when i have the energy to get down to trying on outfits one by one and deciding which to keep/sell. so sad some of them have never been worn before but suddenly they just look horribly bad on me!!! saaaaad. but as they say, away with the old to make space for the new. huat ah!!!

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