twelve days to a new year i am not celebrating, but yet cannot help myself from being drawn into the festivities, from buying myself my first cheongsam for the new year, to being driven down to the flower plantation to buy pretty new plants and trawling the streets of chinatown through the bustling crowds, getting my ears blasted by happy chinesey songs through crappy speakers. but i like the feeling of a new year approaching, even if i’m not ready to face myself getting another year older and more wrinkly but not any wiser or richer.

pictures! 🙂


tigers ushering in your new year for you

balloons for sale!

preserved leg of… something.

portrait artist drawing a huge crowd of interested onlookers.

“piggy porky” heh.


thats daddy far far back in the picture

mumsy being all modelesque

spot me!

pussy willow dyed pink from being put in pink pigmented water. reminds me of science labs back in school! where we had to dye balsam plants red!

so mad sunny i think i turned another couple shades darker ):

and we went home with pots of daisies and other pretty flowers (:



knit throwover from  ,
tassel sling bag from  

the throwover has these adorable (non functional) buttons down the sleeves! YZ loves how i look in it, he complimented me at least three times. lol.

chic romper from  
inner tank top from F21
tassel bag from  

chiffon ruffle top from  ,
bandage skirt from  


other new pretty dresses!

  zara inspired embroidered dress.
the gold embroidered details are so pretty! comfy and flowy chiffon material too 🙂 can’t wait to wear it out!!

 kate moss inspired dress,
love this dress! got it in size M and it fits me great other than being a tad loose at the waist. the cute flared asymmetrical skirt is love.

i’m actually horrified at how fast my savings are depleting 🙁 HUAT AH. for the new year! and my boyfriend is praising another girl i know for being “fair and pretty and slim” OKAY LAH SHIT YOU I KNOW I VERY TAN AND UGLY AND FAT. THANKS >:(

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