butterflies in my tummy

this is terribleeee cos my audition is in two days and all i did to prepare myself was to go for a crappy KTV session yesterday! 🙁 
think i’m just gonna die already. but it’s ok huh i’ll go down in a blaze of glory even if i sound terrible! :/ and i have nothing to blog about really. soooo random pictures ahead?

our latest favourite dining place has been Ichiban Sushi

i love beef sukiyaki!

and some beef tofu egg thing i forgot its name. comes in a value set + teriyaki chicken + rice + miso soup + tempura! quite worth it 😀

cheese hotate yaki! not that nice actually i had higher expectations for it 🙁

tempura ice cream! yummy but the strawberry jam = wayyy too much and too sweet. 


i went over to zouk saturday night to help with woon’s event, KK and paul twohill were there to film an episode of chick vs dick as well.

KK is hawt!

check out those boooobies. would totally nosebleed if i were a hot-blooded male.

highlight of the event was the jousting match! fish took part and i am so proud of her for her tenacity. AWESOME JOB FISH!

didnt take many pictures because i was there to help.

WIWs and clothes:

 zara-inspired dress! with gold flats 🙂 my gold flats are uber versatile and awesome!

 chiffon ruffle top 🙂 sucha comfy piece to throw on any day 🙂

HVV topshop applique dress, kinda short on me! wore leggings out w it in the end..


my mother just totally swooped into my room, screamed at me for the gigantic mess and cleared it inside out!!! :(((
AND NOW I CANT FIND MY NEW JACKET!!! wanted to wear it out today too! 

it’s from glamsyconcept and super comfy! with the cutest military design in front + a hood! i adore hooded stuff hahaha so hip hop yo!

$23 dollars only! walao dont know where the heck my mom kept it :((( maybe she stole it for herself!!! i hate it when clothes go missing at home because we have like 4 females in the house and a hell lot of clothes. it’s too easy to go missing and extremely hard to find! now i need to turn the whole house upside down again and mummy’s gonna keeeeeel me.


ah well 🙁 at least my room is really neat now, if not for the stocks from  and the pieces of brown paper lying around! Gina’s been reaaaal busy since last night’s launch! speaking of thevelvetdolls, the first collection seems to be doing really well! maybe accompanying Gina down to the suppliers tomorrow to check for restocks. all the stocks are selling really well and i think most items only have the last piece or so left! never realised how hard it is to run a blogshop but now that i’ve seen it with my own eyes my respect for all the blogshop owners out there has tripled, man. i wonder how they manage to keep track of sooo many things at one time! 

also i think i look really horrible in most of the pictures on TVD! 🙁 really damn chui and thankfully JY is around to make the clothes look yummy so the pressure is off me :X my favourite pictures are the ones we took together though! we both look so much more natural and less stiff as compared to the single person shots. my hair is a mess too and i need to do something to it but probably only when CNY is over because the prices are exorbitant now!

i love this piece and the other one above that i kept from the collection! hehe <3 dont know why this design isnt as hot as the chiffon drape dress but i think the material/workmanship is excellent and the one i kept in size M fits me perfectly and is so comfy! i think there's a couple of pieces left for this design so go grab one because it's definitely worth your money!
 chiffon-satin frock in white, size M


and not for the faint-hearted:
see what happened to my poor boy who injured himself at work :(((

got himself a huge gash on the knuckle! 🙁

:(((( hope it gets better soon!!!

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