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omgggg i just finished editing the batch of photographs for TVD’s next launch which is tomorrow! 

you know before i started “modelling” for TVD i always thought that modelling’s not toooo difficult a job (especially if you’re pretty and slim to begin with) but now i know way better than to underestimate all the pretty pictures we see on blogshops! it’s really not easy to change in and out of outfits, keep on posing (you’ll run out of poses after about 3-4 pictures then start repeating your poses again!!!) and smiling and making sure that your shots look good 🙁 especially when JY and I are both neither tall and slim nor uber gorgeous! soooo we resort to photoshopping our pictures in the end. haha!

“OMG my face looks fat!”
“it’s ok la, just photoshop it later can alreadyyyy”

terrible right. and because JY and i are both designers/artists, we’re very highly sensitive to our own ugly pictures so we need to take tons and tons of pictures to make sure that there’s enough after the vetting process -_- 

our typical photoshoot day goes like this:

8.30AM: “sorry i just woke up! i’ll be late!!!”
9.30AM-12PM: *while taking pictures* “OMG can we take that again i look so weird in that picture!!!” 
12PM-1PM: *vetting through pictures* “ok next picture pls!”“DELETE.” “next!”…  “DELETE!!!” “next”“HMM… can save with photoshop… OK la pass. “next!”…. “DELETE AGAIN” so on and so forth (-_-)

and not to forget that because of budget constraints and all, TVD no money to afford a studio/pro photographer so we can only resort to taking DIY outdoor shots at my house and the weather is so terribly hot and humid lately that we’re sweating like pigs before we even get through 2 to 3 outfits! 🙁

so the moral of the story is.. it’s really not an easy job ok.

then after all the phototaking then we have to edit the pictures one by one to unify the lighting/remove our fat faces and etc. le sigh. which is also why JY and I always want to like camwhore during/after TVD photoshoots since we’re all made up, but we’re seriously too tired to! we usually just slump onto the sofa right after finishing the shoot, with huge sighs of relief and then we move on to vetting the pictures and getting them ready. and it’s pretty funny because JY edits her own pictures and i edit my own.. haha! because we’re more sensitive to our own ugliness and what we usually want to remove from our pictures! for me it’s usually my eye bags/ dark eye circles and flabby arms sometimes. hahahaha.

random pictures from today’s photoshoot!

rack of clothes that we have to change in and out of! thank God there’s JY. can’t imagine myself modelling ALL the different outfits/designs/colors all by myself i would seriously seriously just die.

JY’s accessories, she brings over a ton every time she comes for photoshoot! so we have variety to choose from hahaha.

my dumb dog who always comes to watch us photoshoot hahaha! she looks like she’s glaring at the camera but she’s just giving her sleepy eyes lah. funny dog.

one of those act-cute poses after we ran out of pose ideas. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. i think those pro models are really super amazing!

i must share a revelation we discovered in today’s photoshoot though, i found my sweet spot for taking good pictures already!!! *jumpa around* HAHA. we realised that i need to have frontal lighting to bring out my features, so i normally look better when i stand against the house wall as compared to when the light is coming through the side!!! JY on the other hand looks abit washed out against the wall because she’s so fair and she looks better against the pond railing hahahaha.

and i just finished collaging all the pictures!

mostly my pictures because i dont have JY’s edited pictures yet! love alot of the items in this collection. but alot of them only come in really limited stock so i can’t even keep them for myself if not Gina would kill me 🙁 i love the pleated top like mad! and the slouchy belted dress! and the embroidered print dress! 

oh and you might have noticed that i finally went for a hair cut/ dye!!! YAY! no more grassy yellow hair anymore 😀 😀 now it’s darker and not so messy! ok i bet some of you can’t tell the difference anyway.

JY and I after shoot.

i want to complain though. JY is SOOOOO freaking fair like snow white that i look so dark next to her!!! the contrast between the shades on our legs is scary. *points to grp pictures in collage above* and because JY is so fair she always overexposes the shots and look super white LOL. i never have that problem please because i’m not so fair like her!

and randomly that’s my new top from HH! 😀 it’s sooo pretty but i’m very sad i can’t pull the sleeves down properly because they’re too tight for my shoulders 🙁 wont be able to move my arms if i pull down the off shoulder sleeves! but still a super pretty top regardless.

another new dress from , ok it’s actually Gina’s but i stole it to review hahaha i love the beigy nude shade and the cute rounded collar, looks so country girl peasant!


i’ll be doing up my humble eye makeup post soon so stay tuned! 🙂 going to bed now. my eyes are flowery (眼花繚亂) from editing all the pictures already! and ohmygod the mosquitoes have been feeding on my legs for the past two nights that i’ve been sitting here in front of the computer trying to finish my freelance and it’s sooo goddamn ITCHY! daaaayyymmmm mosquitoes go find someone else to feed on!!!

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