this is strictly a picture entry

 meet my new toy.

the olympus EP-1 😀

isn’t it a beauty? >:) can’t believe i’m dumping the LX3 after barely half a year (lesser actually, only about 5 months or less!!! but it sure seemed like a long time) but i am totally and utterly sold after seeing the beautiful colors produced in its images and of course the sleek exterior of the camera body 🙂 my wallet very pain now 🙁 

i’ve always loved DSLR quality pictures (the depth of field omfgggg) but typical DSLRs are way too bulky and heavy for me to consider using on a daily basis, however recent techonology and innovations have made the m4/3 system available, it’s a marriage between the DSLR and compact, with size smaller than DSLRs but slightly bigger than compacts, almost DSLR-quality pictures, and interchangeable lens! 😀 😀 😀 y’all know i was raving on and on about Ave and Stan’s cameras a few entries ago, and i just couldnt get the itch out of my system, so i started researching online on which model to get (the EP1 vs GF1 war) and where i could get it 2nd hand so that it wouldnt burn sucha huge hole in my pocket.

was so totally indecisive over the two models because, they both have their pros and cons, and what’s more the EP1’s pros are the GF1’s cons and vice versa! so hard to decide, but after reading up on endless websites and forums, i decided to go for the EP-1 camera body, and the GF-1 20mm lens! so now i have a hybrid olympus+panny camera. haha! cost me almost as much as a brand new set because panny lens cost more than the oly lens, but i hope it’s worth the money! investment investment. good camera = better quality pictures. the LX3 will probably be going to my little sister since her current camera’s pretty much dead.

ok on to the pictures. i am loving the shallow depth of field and colours!

first picture taken with the camera once i got it from the seller. was excitedzzzz x 100000

YZ came with me to check over the camera before accepting the offer. he’s uber anal about exterior scratches and stuff, but it passed his inspection so take it from me, the camera is in uber good condition! almost scratch free except for a corner with some abrasions on it. saved $300 as compared to getting a brand new set from the store!

goodbye LX3

love the very rich and warm colors. LX3 tends to have a more blue-ish cast that isnt as flattering for portraits.

it takes awesome food pictures as well!

lunch at ajisen ramen. spicy chashu ramen! only paid $12.85 or something for lunch set, quite cheap :>

we had lotsa fun playing with the DoF!

YZ insisted that i post up these pictures. he finds them hilariously ugly -_- 

more random test shots from around the house!

and my pets!

last but not least…. me.

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