new blog layout!!!!


everyone should have noticed if you’re reading this from ( that i have a BRAND NEW FACELIFT!!! yay! melovesit. at least it’s better than the previous default and boring layout! so… SPEAK, if you like it, or hold your peace! 

i personally think, it’s AWESOME. pink + grey is one of my favourite color combinations!

oh and also, i actually put a blog title/name finally, which is yina goes, ok it’s kind of lame but it’s just basically a pun on my name (yinagoh) and because i always talk so much and i go on and on and on so thus it’s yina goes. (ok DUH.) so.. welcome to yina goes!!!!! (omg.. it sounds uber lame. looks better than it sounds)


also today i decided to tidy up my extremely messy wardrobe a little,
i decided to color-coordinate my warerobe!! and have come to the conclusion that i have waaaay too many blue/purple dresses.

i feel much happier looking at my dresses now that they’re all arranged by color heehee. easier for me to choose what i want to wear too depending on my color mood of the day! 

the throw pile.

my (quite) neat and tidy wardrobe after springcleaning!

and my WIW…

random dri-fit tank, FBT shorts.

okay la just joking pls. this is what i usually wear at home and to sleep haha. 


here’s the real WIW,

HVV pastel abstract frock + balenciaga-inspired tote in deep pink!
paired with trusty gold flats.

love the dress to pieces, YZ thinks it’s pretty too and even his mom/sis thought it was a really sweet piece! glad i waited for the BO, for this lovely frock!

we went out for dim sum, followed by an excursion to Mustafa! left empty handed though i was very tempted by the snacks ):
Mustafa has everything though, from snacks to shoes to electronics to hair products to cosmetics to every other thing you can imagine!

best time to go is probably in the wee hours of the morning, like 2 or 3am cos it’ll be pretty empty but expect to see “she-males” there at that timing because they normally end their midnight shift around that time… have bumped into quite a few pretty ones before! :O only the deep husky voices give them away. hahaha.

very sad, only managed to take two blur shots! didn’t autofocus the camera and it focused on the background instead -_-



tried on a pair of sandals but didnt get em in the end! they cost $19 though.. not that cheap :/

in the chocolates department. YZ looks really gay with my pink tote hahaha 😛


and just in case you missed QQ, i leave you with a parting shot of the naughty brat in a decevingly docile moment.

awwww mad cute!

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