the jobless wastrel that i am

am loving the shots out of the new camera, they’re so incredibly clear and rich compared to the old camera which i thought was pretty decent already. therein lies the difference between the 100% mark up in price ><....

do not be deceived. she is not as innocent as she looks. the idiot peed on my sofa earlier today! >:( baaad dog.

but even i have to admit she has the most adorable cute little pinkish tongue. 

resting comfortably atop the giant strawberry cushion, and chewing on her snack.

you know the really maddening thing about QQ is that she gets all excited and appreciate when you bring her out of her enclosure, but after about the first 2 minutes she ignores you even when you call her, except when you have food in hand! such an unloving dog. 


and then she scrambles her tiny self under the sofa when she thinks you’re gonna catch her and put her back home.

super cheeky!

WIW today feels weird with the new camera, suddenly i feel so magnified. not used to it!

navy spag frock from ,
nude clutch from 

in comparision to the pictures taken with the LX3, mmmmmmm.
i think it’s the difference between the wide angle lens (LX3) and the new pancake lens (EP1)

 christian dior dress in grey. love the design but but it’s too short on me 🙁 whyyyyyyy! i’m not even that tall! 🙁 and it kinda makes me look wider… boohoo. i need to diet! (i say this all the time, but it aint working out for me very well..)

 collar shirt dress, am loving the B/W chanelesque feel and of course the skirt pockets are so funky 🙂

oh and i’m gonna be posting up my long overdue korea trip pictures next!

but you know my favourite shot so far out of the new camera has got to be this one, hands down in terms of composition, subject matter, DoF, and all that jazz…





teehee. permission was obtained before i posted up this picture… :X

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