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AMIT concert last night was in one word, AWESOME!
seriously no words can coherently describe my love for amei. hahahahahaha. she’s just amazing and the energy she single-handedly brings to the arena is nothing short of incredible. how does a person manage to sing and perform like that for three hours straight? wish i had even a quarter of her stage presence and vocal prowness! but i am really so inspired by her live performance. she is amazingggggggggg i repeat again.


bonitochico pleated chiffon dress in white

uughh my hair is a mess. super wavy and all over the place. should i straighten it before CNY?! on a side tangent, i got my hands on one of essential‘s hair mask that they’ve been marketing like mad online, hope it’s as good as advertised! it’s sitting in my hair now as i’m typing this.

see my uber messy hair. and ah i am like so uglys in pictures non-taken by myself it’s all about anglessss.

YZ and i 🙂

we arrived pretty early at the indoor stadium, even after strolling to KLP for yoguru, when we were seated about 7.45pm, the place was still pretty empty and people were strolling in.

this time round the stage was much further away from the audience, as compared to the previous amei concert i attended two years ago when the stage was in the middle of the stadium and i’d bought cat1seats but nevertheless. 

the lights dimmed and everyone started screaaaaaaaming for amei!

blur picture because it was so dark the camera couldnt auto focus! 🙁 i got smart and manual focused later on haha.

i’ll try not to bore you all with too many pictures of the concert but it was really fantastic, the lighting effects and all 😀 love concerts hahaha atmosphere!!!! i didnt buy any light sticks or glow sticks though so we just sat and watched other people wave theirs. 

amei appeared and sang the tribal chant from her AMIT album as the opening number! her powerful voice really filled the entire stadium. I LOVE HER.

there were two huge screens on the side of the stage for those of us sitting too far away from the stage to see much :/

it was very much a rock concert for the most part, with a few segments of amei’s more classic slow hits, but in the middle the music stopped for abit, and then a violinist walked out! damn hawt one too!

followed by a whole troop of violinists. and they looked like they were in nunnery wear lol. 

and then guess who came out and did an opera solo accompanied by the violinists. 

she totally impressed the entire crowd! you can hear YZ’s very awestruck “wah….” at the end… haha!

i didn’t manage to record alot of video due to the limited space on my memory card 🙁 only this opera solo segment and half of another slow song she sang!

and here’s the other half a song i recorded. song title is 你好不好 and she sounded fantastic! even better live than in her studio recordings, which is an incredibly hard thing to achieve!

crazy good right. i’m so in awe and inspired by her whenever i watch her live. hopefully i can channel abit of amei the next time i go on stage. she’s just amazing 🙂 

and finally got the hair mask off my hair! in the midst of drying now. so here’s a few pictures of the product:

i got the orange one which is ultra honey & shea butter rich premier instead of the light airy nuance one because YZ said that one would probably make my hair curl even more since my hair is very fine already haha.

instructions on back says to apply appropriate amount evenly on hair after shampooing and squeezing out excess water. leave on for 5 mins. i left it on for around 15 mins or longer i think, with my hair wrapped in a towel.

the texture is not as soft and creamy as some other hair masks i’ve tried, it’s abit more solid and thick. 

my hair feels really soft and manageable now, but have to see if the effects lasts over the next few days! the rich premier does weigh my hair down abit though so it isnt so fly-away! smells nice too! anyway the tub only costs about 9.90 (i bought it from sheng siong!) which is pretty cheap so i think it’s worth a try 🙂 dont know if the other one will work better on my hair though. 

ok am heading out d. aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hate the weather!

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