happy 2010!

before i start going on about resolutions and yada yada you know i only really have just one philosophy in life, and that kinda just only consists of two words, which is, “Be Happy” whatever it is that you do, the very least it should do is to make you happy (somehow) of course like if i decide to forgo my diet and pig out i will say “hey, eating makes me happy” or if not i go torture myself by jogging then i’d say “that’ll make me slimmer and i’ll be happy” etc and etc (oops its starting to sound like self-justification here!) so you get the point.

i mean life is short, and i choose to live it in which ever way that i think will provide happiness for me, whether in the near future (the satisfaction of a good meal!) or working hard to earn money (money definitely makes me happy. money = security = shopping = good food = gadgets = happy me) my theory is that whatever you do, make sure that at some point sooner or later it’ll make you happy. of course i’m not advocating murderers/rapists saying that killing/raping people makes them happy because that is just warped. but what i mean is doing things that are not morally wrong and doesnt sit on your conscience. because doing stuff like that and knowing it would not make me happy as well.

sometimes people around me like to marvel at how “happy-go-lucky” i am or to put it in a more negative term i’m simply quite “bo chap” about stuff pertaining to issues that i feel does not impact/affect me (such as hate comments) because hey, if you’re my friend you love me. if not you’re probably not my friend and thus i dont care about you πŸ˜€ i’m simple like that.Β 

why waste all that time being emo nemo making people around you and yourself very unhappy? nobody likes to be around negativity. and if you didnt know, it’s not just smiles that are contagious, but unhappiness is as well. so by being a happy person with more smiles all around, you’re in short making this world a better place πŸ™‚Β 

ok sorry about rambling on and on.Β 

but my new year resolution is basically just my life story and my philosophy, which is, trying to be happy πŸ™‚ i think as humans we all try so hard to strive for recognition (that will bring us happiness) in any and every area of our lives, because in the back of our minds we know that we’re just these micro-organisms in such a very large universe, and we wish to be more than just that. but you know, an ant to us, is an ant. do we care if he’s the most hardworking ant in the colony/the handsomest ant (like i’d know what makes an ant handsome)? the answer is no, the universe doesnt care about us in the way that you think it does. not to sound blasphemous but sometimes i think God is a way to make us feel like we’re important because God picked us as His people and to give us eternal life and salvation. but let’s not open that can of worms or it’d be endless. sometimes you just have to let go of that self-importancy and just really, be happy in whatever you do πŸ™‚Β 

so after the very long and pointless side-tangent,
back to the resolutions, you know what would make me happy this year? :)))

1. finding a stable-enough source of income
2. not waste my jobless time bumming around, but instead benefit myself (my health, my body, my looks) by exercising regularly because there’s no excuse of work this time round
3. be a bigger person, be more giving, less selfish
4. loving people around me more, my family, my love, my friends and even random strangers
5. try not to turn bankrupt on account of too much shopping :(((
6. be more organised, more efficient with my time, less absentminded and careless

and last but not least, stay happy!Β 

i dread the day on 31december 2010 which will probably come all too soon to see where i’ve ended up with these resolutions.Β 


but keeping in line with my new year resolution to be more organised and efficient,

the new 2010 organizer i ordered from Cotton CandyΒ (amongst other stuff) arrived in the mail today, looking all fat and yummy! ooh btw you must go and check out Cotton Candy’s website. totally adore the design + branding + concept! i’m a sucker for cute things and CottonCandy is like 100% cuteness overload! *melts*

i absolove fat fat parcels. can’t wait to rip them apart! i think the CottonCandyFriends sticker there is so very cute too. i think i’m gonna be abusing the word “cute” multiple times from here on. because everything i got from CottonCandy is SO DARN CUTE!!!

i ordered a 2010 organiser, some post-its, a keychain and a set of measuring spoons, they’re all heavy-duty wrapped in bubble wrap and spammed with scotch tape so the items arrived in perfect condition.Β 

ok i am a huge fan of packaging. so they really got me here. wrapped up with tissue paper and a cutesy pink ribbon!

the more fragile items like the organiser book is futher wrapped in bubble wrap so no dented corners, no nothing!

and my new organiser is LOVE.
yaknow i bought an organiser late last year and someone commented that i would end up getting another one before 2010 started (i think it was Jaz who said that!!!) so smart you predicted correctly but cute organisers are totally irresistible…. πŸ™

picture spammage of my new organiser ahead!

thought that the organiser would just come on its own, but it has an external plastic protector, a set of tiny number stamps, and super duper adorable cartoon stickers!!! i was practically squealing with happiness when i saw them all πŸ˜€Β 

the little number stamps to stamp on the dates on the organiser pages (:

the mad adorable stickers!!!! hahahhaha do you spot the SALE and Shopping list ones. damn cute please.

and theres this section of the organiser which is perfect for me man. it’s called “account book” and has spaces for you to calculate and record your “income” and “outlay” daily… lol. in line with my new year resolution number 5 too which is not to turn bankrupt from too much shopping… (this organiser is an investment so it doesnt count!)

love how well designed the organiser is, the plastic protector even has a little slot to place the stickers in πŸ˜€

the next item on the show & tell session today, my new post-its!

they’re superdupermadadorable bunny post-its from CottonCandy as well, put them to good use in the organiser already to mark out the months! πŸ˜€ i’m a huge bunny fan cos i was born in the year of the rabbit…

lol my favourite is the black ninja bunny. SO CUTE CAN. i think i can’t bear to use up the rest….

and the doodolls soft toy keychain i got for my keys. hahahaha i went mad shopping on the site ok. but it’s fine cos the stuff’s pretty affordable plus it’s way too adorable :>

lastly, guess what else i got.

a set of heart-shaped measuring spoons for my baking!! <3 <3 <3

there are words engraved on the spoon handles; A heap of Perfection, A spoonful of Devotion, A pinch of Bliss, A dash of Kindness. my baked goodies are going to be amazing from now on with these measuring spoons.

there were soooo many more items i wanted to get from the website but must control πŸ™ cannot spend like no tomorrow already because i’m supposedly jobless now! boohoo. but please go and check out their amazing website. i love all their products!! go go go to Cotton Candy Island!

the last WIW of 2009,

F21 tank top ($9 rack from 313 F21!)
S&B leggings fromΒ  Β 
long cardigan from dorothy perkins

heels are for show πŸ˜› was trying on my sister’s heels… a tad too small for me though πŸ™ i do subscribe to the whole leggings =/= pants theory but the tank top is pretty long as well as layered with a long cardi.. i think it’s acceptable and non-obscene πŸ˜› besides… i look fat in jeans πŸ™Β 

anyway, the BF started work again after 4 long weeks, right on the 1st january so we went back home before 10pm, no countdowns anywhere for us.. plus crowds are just not my thing — but nevertheless had a very good dinner at home πŸ˜› (i know some people like Mr.Q dont think that instant noodles is food… but.. i like it!)

a huge bowl with two packets of korean mee + two eggs + many cheese sausages makes a good meal.

wow that is effectively the last pictures of 2009. btw there are so many more pictures sitting in my HDD that i’m supposed to upload but i havent. (my korea pictures!) but i guess i’ll get to it eventually since i’m so free now. hahaha.

and the first WIW of 2010,

purple cocktail dress from electricsheep, paired with own belt
shoes from guess, and of course my current favourite grey studded fringe bag again (i am optimising usage for the hefty sum i paid for it)

couldnt make up my mind between popeyes (new outlet at amkhub that we’ve yet to try!! i think i am going there today) and pizza, but we went with pizza in the end at a strange in-between timing of like 4pm and the restaurant was very very quiet which IMO is a good thing because the food quality + service is always generally better with less people around.

been wanting to bring the BF here for some pizza lovin’ because i really like the pizza and desserts here πŸ™‚Β 


YZ is giving me a :3 face.

our side order: a mixed platter of their fritters. love the calamari and these funky rice balls with cheese/minced beef inside! comes with two dips, the chilli one is kinda strange but the other one (tartare sauce? tastes a little cheesy) is yummy.

oozing cheese!Β 

we requested for a “splitzza” though it’s not in the menu and the chef kindly accommodated to our request! so awesome. two of us shared a huge pizza, proscuitto el funghi on one side and salami on the other :D~

the first bite is heavenly. warm, soft, thin-crusted, not overtly cheesy, full of flavour and so soo good. you can see how much i love it by the amount of pictures i took. YZ prefers Timbre’s pizza a little more (i like Timbre too, but Ricciotti’s just as good in its own way)

that accounts to four slices of pizza each. *is glutton* but it was my lunch-ner and i only had like.. what, an oreo biscuit and some crackers earlier on in the day! i’m hungry again now.Β 

we were so full we only ordered one dessert to share, but it was gooooood stuff. check out this unassuming looking little thing here.

it’s supposed to be a chocolate mousse cake, and it’s called Morbida (how morbid!)

first spoon in, it’s just smooth creamy chocolate mousse, but it houses a little surprise right in its heart, once you break the hard chocolate shell in the middle, dark chocolate comes oozing out πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ it was excellent! the chocolate mousse was rich and decadent without being cloyingly sweet and the liquid chocolate complimented the mousse wonderfully.

the more experienced waitress later told us, after we’d finished our meal :((( that a scoop of vanilla ice cream would go perfectly with this dessert and i totally agree. wanted to order a scoop initially but somehow didnt and the other waitress who took our order for dessert didnt recommend it as well (she had a trainee tag on) so what a pity πŸ™ nonetheless, we really liked the dessert!!

ps. there is 1-1 pizzas on weds and 1-1 pastas on tuesdays! (IIRC..) so those days would be a good time to dine at Ricciotti, hmm never tried the pasta but please go there and have pizza! plus half-price on all dessert takeaways after 9.30pm daily πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€Β 

more pictures of my outfit teehee.


i like how the sleeves hide my flabby arms πŸ˜› and purple is really my color hahaha. i have like a million and one purple dresses please.
(ps. you may have noticed that i’ve changed into flats cos i still dont dare to wear those fierce tall heels out….)


random pictures. i love my camera, but but but i think i would love a new camera too… *dilemma*

the view at clark quay, the river was littered with all kinds of junk πŸ™ you can see the little dots of white in the picture, probably the aftermath of last night’s count down..

view up from the underpass

my silly dog looking all shiok and comfortable on the sofa next to me.

her jumper says “POLICE”…. here she is at her sentry post

there’s a funky pinhole mode which makes everyone look good with the desaturated colors and vignetting!

on another side tangent:
quite a few girls have been commenting/asking in the last entry to share diet/weight loss and how-to-become-fairer tips but you know i’m the last person to ask because i’m still neither fair nor skinny yet. (but working on it!) i guess some day i’ll do up a post on it but it’s nothing new really. regular exercise/diet for the weight loss part, and staying out of the sun/sunblock for becoming fairer part. -_- really. it’s a no-brainer.. but that’s why we’re all so attracted to magazines which are screaming at us “TEN FAT LOSS TIPS FOR THE SUMMER” and all, because who isnt looking for a quick way out? in reality, there isnt really any magic words… you just have to work at it and put in enough effort to substantiate a result.


okay that’s the end of my mad long first entry to kick off 2010! teehee. happy 2010 to everyone, please have a wonderful and awesome year ahead!! loves.

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