the cows go moooo

and so it was that one fine Sunday we abandoned the dogs at home and went on a family excursion excluding the Daddy who abhors Shopping and drove our way verily, merrily to town.

here’s a family portrait, of the Mummy, the Daddy and the Dog positioned in the doorway. my Daddy looks like a gangster, no?

and she was caged behind glass doors. staring out wistfully.

the WIW of the day,

 shoulder-padded dress in black, with the burgundy red Kate who has returned under my care!

the small Sister usurped my  bandage dress/leggings and dotty perks necklace. and.. i look strange in this picture above.

Mummy took the wheel, and off we go! 

we were intending to catch Gina’s performance at *scape but spent too much time on erroneous parking coupons and arrived just when her stage time was up. but here’s a group shot of the Boyfriend, Me, the Mummy, the Small Sister and the Big Sister.

people always comment that the two Sisters look alike. while i dont. and that the Mummy is still the prettiest of the four. she laments that all her three daughters did not grow up half as beautiful as her but oh well. is it our fault that we didnt get her good genes? we all have Daddy’s rather wide and fleshy nose. instead of Mummy’s aristocratic sharp elegant nose!

over to 313 and they spent copious amounts of time inside Zara, Cotton On and F21. with food intermission at Marche. i say They because i didnt buy anything at all! how sad 🙁 wanted this pretty tank from Zara but was the last piece and defected with straps of uneven width 🙁

the lighting inside Zara’s changing rooms was awesome though. teehee. and here’s a glimpse of the rose tank i didnt get.

experimenting with fedoras inside Cotton On. i think hats are not quite my thing. i feel like i’m trying too hard with them on.

YZ and i, bored TTM while Mummy and Small Sister wait for their turn at the changing rooms. 

ok bad angle for YZ. here’s a nicer shot of him

he takes a pretty portrait for me (depth of field!!!)

side tangent: dear Noi actually spotted YZ and I in the middle of 313 camwhoring away and walked past twice to try to get my attention but i didnt even see her because i wasnt paying any attention to my surroundings! *embarrassed* i’m sorry! next time come up and say hi!

Gina joined us next, with her two pairs of geek glasses

we look strange in this combination of faces + glasses

much better.

Geek Gina in her Fang Da Tong imitation.

YZ and i :>

dinner where the cows go mooo.

the meal was rather disappointing though 🙁 expected it to be better, somehow i seem to have had a better dining experience at Marche Vivo as compared to the branch at 313. quite sian cos my dear mummy kept on commenting on the food non stop lor! and it was a treat from the BF and paying for dinner for 5 pax quite fierce you know 🙁 

calamari batter was too hard and crunchy for my liking. 

rosti was okay, one plate was browned enough but the other plate looked really pale and soggy

chicken breast was good but a lil on the salty side? i like it salty so no complains here 😛

pizza with parma ham and rocket salad, pretty good 🙂 not enough parma ham!

some chicken/veggie ravioli which tasted okay too.

crepes but i thought they used to have like chocolate sauce drizzled over + chocolate chips?? my crepes looked (and tasted) really empty.. 🙁 plus strawberries were really sour ew. the banana butterscotch w choco ice cream crepes were slightly better. and they dont serve bread and butter pudding in this Marche.

whooo my hair looks really shiny here. that reminds me that some girls asked me on twitter what hair mask i used after i tweeted about having masked my hair a couple days ago, it’s the loreal one that comes in a yellow tub? hmmmm looks something like this 

best drink at Marche is the rootbeer. sisters happily camwhoring with my camera.

Mummy is executing some kind of ninjutsu here. but she’s so pretty right. my role model for when i descend into the dark forties….

having the camera means you’re taking pictures of others instead of yourself most of the time.

another picture of chiobu Mummy.

last few pictures of the day, inside F21

and meeeeee myself and I.

waiting for all my online loots to reach me so that i can do a massive spammage post! the postman came today and left me disappointed, save for my little package from CottonCandy!

cutest post-its ever! *fangirls*

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