google is amazing. just type “yina” and the suggested search of “yina goh blog” comes up, though it doesnt link straight away to this blog, it links to a whole lot of other websites/pages i havent seen in eons! -_-




here’s me looking very constipated on stage. taken like half a year ago… during the stardust competition finals at Zouk. i was wearing the infamous DKNY dress and one of the competition organizers saw it and immediately went like, “nice dress! from bonitochico, right?”

ahhh welllll.

other gems i found by typing “yina goh” into google,

 my artist profile on my old studio webpage

 my SYC members profile page (eee unflattering shot)

 even my artwork on some random design website wtf

including alot of my art pages, comic work pages and etc etc… kinda cool but scary. my future employer could type “yina goh” into google and practically dig out my entire life out for show! so you see. you can’t do bad things without them coming out into the open some day. some how.


WIW yesterday

V back chiffon dress from  
with the usual suspect, grey studded fringe bag 😀

my grecian chiffon dress from  came yesterday and it’s oh-so-pretty but oh-so-tiny 🙁 could bearly squeeze into it but but i still love the colour and design alot cannot bear to sell off 🙁

today’s loot: new necklace from sputnikmuffin!

it’s a customisable charm necklace, and you can mix&match the charms you’d like from the variety provided! extremely cool concept cos it makes your necklace that much more personalised and unique 😀 mine looks awesome with the pearl bead and gold heart!

hearts it, and wore it out today!

leading me to the next WIW,

chiffon bustier in pink from  ,
ivory clutch from  
charm necklace from sputnikmuffin
nude heels from charles&keith

this super princessy chiffon bustier dress has been sitting in my wardrobe for some time now, decidd to finally wear it out for dinner with the family but it’s uber tight at the bust for me ;( 

pretty pretty shot YZ took for me. best shot of the night! i look really crap in some others boohoo. feeling freakin zibei now T.T

dinner at the usual LBK… daddy’s palate is very simple really. we visit the same two restaurants about every week. -_-

nice picture! the new camera takes awesome pictures like this. 


fooooood pictures!!! didnt charge the battery and didnt manage to take that many pictures 🙁

have you ever tried this dish before? dunno what it’s called, but it’s supposed to be part of an elephant’s trunk?! tastes fishy though, like clams.. or something. it’s served with wasabi and soy sauce! i still dont know if it’s really from an elephant’s nose. doesnt taste too bad.

comes with some soup that you can cook it in if you dont like it raw. hmmmm.

thai-style deep fried fish that is TDF!!!! gone in five mins flat, or less. the thai sauce is tangy and very very appetizing :D~

boring roast chicken, but its one of their signature dishes.. nice crispy skin and the meat isnt too dry.

“yuan yang” hor fun, very interesting dish cos half of the hor fun is deep fried while the other half is cooked the normal way, thus called “yuan yang”! cant really stand the deep fried hor fun cos it’s really oozing with oil at every bite -_-

staple fried rice!!! so tasty. big fan of carbo i am. i didnt jog today!!! *guilt*

ending off with dessert. my favourite mango pudding! yumyum 😀

some other shots:

taking a picture of people taking a picture

the two smokers banished to beyond the looking glass



i bought a pack of ten chocolate wassants from Provence yesterday, and am only left with three! >< they're so bloody addictive, but too expensive to buy on a regular basis, at the rate i devour them 🙁

someone else is really interested in them too..

look at her expression, filled with rapt attention! she took a lick of the bun, but no chocolate for you!

think her dress today is too girly, doesnt suit her at all! and it’s tooooo tight for her. fat fat chihuahua.


and guess what my mom did to me today.


mom: you want to dye hair right? dont need go salon do, i dye for you.
me: okaaaay
mom: i buy the liese bubble hair dye. $19.90… you pay me $20 can already. i profit ten cents.
me: ……….

i may look like i’m enjoying it (all in the name of camwhoring), but my scalp suffered from a great deal of abuse T.T 
and the make-shift cape, handiwork of dear YZ with a pair of scissors and a big red plastic bag, is to protect my clothes from getting stained by the dye.. tak glam man.

and the silly hair dye JUST WOULDNT FOAM. like it’s supposed to -_- i blame mummy for not reading instructions before she proceeded with trying to yank out half my hair in the process of “dying” it. and the best part is the hair color didnt even turn out that obvious 🙁 wanted it darker!! darkerrrr!!!!

ok anyway i’m at a all-time record low level of self esteem partially cos my camera is so uber it magnifies all my flaws in the pictures i take. hate my droopy eyes, double chin, cheek fats and all that. so am redeeming myself by posting only the GOOD shots. and i so need to go on my strict exercise/diet wtf. feeling so fat like no tomorrow hellppppppppp.

kinda senseless entry but bye now 🙁

ps. remember the handmade accessories by Suzanne a couple of entries ago? she has a website up and running now, at  and i see some really pretty necklaces/earrings up on the site! (Y) nice.


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