because i'm random like that

havent been up to much the past few days, except pigging out on yummy food and meeting the girl for a mani/pedi chillax session! so yaknow, just random pictures. because i am random like that.

and i love taking food picturessss it is so easy to make good food look good.

from a random Monday afternoon.

where we had yummy lunch at swensens! love their 1-for-1 lunch promotion because it is sooooo worth it!!!

BBQ half chicken mmmmmmmmmm.

my absolute favourite crayfish pasta in black pepper sauce!!!

de-li-cious. tastes as yummy as it looks!

and it only cost us $18 or so in total? definitely worth the money.

on a side tangent. i used to work at swensens when i was a teenager did you know we get a free scoop of ice cream everyday it’s part of the staff perks! no wonder i was so fat last time. i totally loved their food and had late suppers + ice cream after work everyday!


but i’m not dissing our local kopitiams/hawker centres for restaurants!!
i love eating at this place downstairs YZ’s house. it sells awesome zhi char! we ordered 4 dishes to share among 2 people! so greeeeedyy

the pre-food hungry face pictures.

prawn vemicelli which is MINE. no sharing.

fu-rong egg i am an egg-fanatic

tofu with veggie. huge fan of tofu too!

stir fried pork with salted fish. (Y)


horrified at the amount of calories consumed. did i mention i’m on a diet?


i got my belated (birthday? christmas? newyear?) present!! thanks sweet <3

BBM-ing each other. ok i finally found out one more cool thing about the BB. google map LATITUDE. it stalks.

dvd player to watch movies if you’re really bored.. and my ice lemon tea!

i tried to focus on my feet but it didnt work apparently -__-  BG is sharp and my feet are out of focus instead..

disgruntled on the phone while waiting for nails to dry

and.. they have a very cute “in-house” cat.


random WIWs…

white chiffon top from  
pleather jacket from ATBU
gold flats are from trish they fit me so well love love.

burnt-out tank from  ,
long cardi from dorothy perks
and my dog/boyfriend hanging around as accessories in the background.


what my little green box contained.

DIVE IN, it says. sweeeeeeet. 

oh and i just had to show off my latest necklace purchase.

all set for CNY now! :)))


it’s been like five days and my HVV parcel is still not here yet ): but on a happier note my AE/BC stuff came today, hmmmm out of 4, 2 miss and 2 hits. sooo. byebye to the misses. 

white crochet dress,  
the lace crochet details at the back are really pretty and the dress fits me hallelujah

pink pleated chiffon mini,  
so cute and pink ohmygod i am turning into the pink sort of girl ):

and i’m still waiting for 3 or 4 more parcels to reach me? where are theyyyyyyy?!


last random picture of the day,

check out all that teeth!

and last but not least randomly my sister is selling off a couple of online purchases that didnt fit her at her LJ so go check it out
i guess i might as well pimp my own selling thread here too. hahahaha so check mine out too!

okok end of my very random entry. ciao!

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