concert moments.

it was over in the blink of an eye, and i am left with aching muscles, a satiated soul and pride in knowing that the music was good πŸ™‚

and thank you those who came down to attend, despite having no prior love for such music and came down for the sake of me! i really appreciate it alot πŸ™‚ YZ, Farah (& cousins), JM, Chien and G! am thankful that i managed to get out those scary few lines well enough too.

also thank you to the other lovely people who sent their smses, tweets, and blog comments with their well wishes and encouragement! thank youuuuu.

am glad that it’s over nonetheless and that there’s a 3 week reprieve from the gruelling sessions of rehearsals. next year will be another fresh year with new, exciting music!

was too tired to go trigger-happy with my camera at post-concert party at Relish, plus there were a million other cameras present, but here’s the requisitory few of the restaurant, food, and a few more of my girls πŸ™‚


yummy wings

the rocket salad was really green…. : / even though i normally like salads, i took a bite of this and almost wanted to spit it out. tasted like.. grass.

main courses:

their famous rocket burger. two thumbs up πŸ™‚

aglio olio with tiger prawns

a puny portion of pan-fried dory fish

and the girls with the wonderful guest conductor (and also composer of half the repertoire) Vytautas Miskinis who’s taught and shared with us so much.

and the post-concert party was a great success especially with the hard work of Woon’s tribute video to Jen’s 20 years of conducting the choir πŸ™‚ it was really good! the video i mean! poor Woon stayed up the whole night to make the video and render it. but i think all your effort paid off πŸ™‚


before the concert / rehearsals on Sun i also dropped by BC’s private sales/flea market with Farah and finally got to meet the two gorgeous girls Viola and Vel! they are uber sweet and lovely people and i’m so glad i got to see them in the flesh, after so many months of buying like mad from them. haha. they are really beautiful people me thinks. inside and out!

ehhh we all look abit weird in the picture. lens distortion or something : / but they were so busy running about the place that i couldnt take up too much of their time too! am looking forward to the next event that i’ll get to see them again! πŸ™‚

it was really mad crowded. the queue started forming at 11 and i’m so glad we decided to go down early! jiaying from CC was kind enough to contact me cos she had a free slot! am happy to make a new friend too! :)))

awesomely long Q and steph was just behind me teehee.

the office wasnt really that big so it was absolutely jam packed with girls! i wish i could have hung around longer and looked thru more but was in a rush to get to rehearsal.

and when we left, at around twelve, the Q was even longer!

madness right. bought four items for $50 plus which is a pretty good deal! hmm but one of the items dont fit me well πŸ™ and one is for my mummy and she loves it hahaha. the other two items i got for myself,

paisley print chiffon ruffle top, paired with my new jacket from ATBU that just came in the mail today

and pink throw-over that’s totally comfy πŸ™‚

the other item from ATBU that i got

bustier lace dress that’s totally sweet but sheer. i think i need to wear it with a tube bra and petticoat. you can see the outline of my undies and the bra padding of the dress in the picture…

oh and today is officially the start of my 2-month diet/exercise regime right in time for CNY which is the 14th february! i need to pick up my fat ass to jog tonight. please give me some encouragement cos i feel so fat i wanna die.

hehe and here’s a “pirated” copy of one of the songs we sang last night, i love this piece! was recorded during rehearsal yesterday πŸ™‚

happy 45th birthday to SYCes and may there be many more years to come! πŸ™‚

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