please congratulate me….

1. lao niang (me) passed my TP on my 1st attempt today!!! woohoooooo! (elaborate more in abit)
2. i gotch my refund from eBay sitting in my bank acct already and because i am so happy about points 1 and 2 that
3. imma gonna celebrate by getting myself a new camera real soon!!!!!


*mad dance around like crazy*

didnt know how much more awesome my day could get,
until an email notification popped up on my BB, informing me of a new comment on my blog entry, and guess what, i’ve scored my first hate comment on my blog! 

hello anonymous, who ever you are,
thanks for voicing your opinion! nice to know that someone cares enough to leave a hate comment :))) 

i admit i’m fat. 

in fact i’ll even show you my fattest pictures just so you can call me fat, ok? never said i wasn’t fat in the first place!

yes that’s me in pink on the right.

fat enough for you?
well thanks for your reminder. dont worry i’m constantly trying to diet so i’ll work on it. 

and since this is my blog i’ll post up whatever of my daily outfits i like to, ok? 
so here’s what i wore today,

black ruffled babydoll dress from Top20,
navy blue balenciaga-inspired jacket from  
heels from Charles&Keith, plus my new bag 🙂

to be honest i’m pretty amused at getting my first blog-hater 🙂 after all even xiaxue has tons of blog-haters, but she’s still the top blogger in singapore and making money out of it, so i’m definitely not laughing at her!

and thanks to this anonymous commenter, i’ve received tremendous support from all my wonderful online/offline friends, who left their own comments in response to anonymous here, on my LJ, on twitter, thru BBM and MSN as well 🙂 so, thank you, anonymous! you just really made my day because of all my awesomezzz friends/readers out there. 

my favourite response has to be Ave’s >= )

thank you so much Ave! teehee. you have sucha way with words. loveeessss.

and i am in an awesomely good mood today because after 6 long months of expensive and tiring driving lessons, i finally finally passed my TP this morning, and on my first attempt too!!!! omgomgomg. sooooooo happy about not having to go back to that god-forsaken place (they’re moving to bloody far Woodlands in end Feb! worse still!) anymore, and that i dont need to fork out more money for additional lessons and booking a 2nd TP! yaayyyyyy!!!!

such a fluke i tell you. thank God the tester was really benevolent looking hahahaha and i didnt screw up any of my circuit courses! the test car right in front of me mounted kerb within the circuit roads barely 5 mins after we started our test. so scary. mount kerb = immediate failure!!! there was a scary bit when i was out on the roads already, and i was driving at 4th gear speed across a junction when the traffic light changed from amber and then to red! omg man, gan cheong. but i couldnt slow down in time to stop behind the stop line already and stopping past the stop line = immediate failure again so the only option i had was to just go through with it and speed right past the red light… the tester threw me this really scandalized look when i crossed the junction and said.. “WOA… be careful!” but he only deducted 6 points for it in the end hahahaha. in fact i only got 12 demerit points in total which is surprisingly little. THANK YOU MR. TESTER FOR PASSING ME.

i am a legal driver now! 😀 😀 😀 but please dont ask me to drive you around cos i might end up crashing your car anyway. 


loving my beautiful new dress from ATBU, it’s called Elodie Waterfall Dress and it’s superbly gorgeous <3
size M fits me almost perfectly except the bust area being a lil big, but manageable 🙂 love the slight sheen of the material, super expensive and classy looking piece!

also, the choker that i wore together with the dress is a lovely hand-made beaded piece, kindly sponsored by Suzanne, who custom-makes very unique and pretty pieces of jewelry and sells through word-of-mouth so her jewelry are definitely one-of-a-kind and different!

i especially love this choker called Bon Idee, which is only selling for $9 exclusive postage, it looks so classy and elegant paired with a tube dress! statement necklaces are all the rage now and i like how this one is understated and yet outstanding.

comes in other color combinations as well,

Black Forest




some of her other creations:

i thought that this looked too messy and chunky for me at first, but i was sold after trying it on! (picture above) it looks fun and chic without being overwhelming at all 🙂 goes perfectly with any basic outfits!

another classic looking piece, totally love this pair of earrings! they make me look and feel so feminine, adore the little pearls on it 🙂

wore them with my usual pearl studs for an even classier looking combination 😀 teehee. looks so matching right!

if you’re interested in any of the above pieces,
do drop Suzanne an email at the following address:  to check out more of their accessories! 😀

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