playing truant

massive picture diarrhoea here so bear with me!

lunch with the family!
at thai village shark fin restaurant, i love the place and the food was exceptionally good that day!


ruffle print top from paired with studded black jacket / shorts and vintage bag.
am totally loving the top even more than the magenta print version i bought previously!

the mama and papa bears. mmmm dont know who i resemble more, i think it used to be daddy but now i look a lil more like mummy.

favouritest sharkfin soup in the world

crab vermicelli. this is so good i would sacrifice my diet for it.

the tofu was superbly delicious. ahhhhhh i miss it. and baked cheese lobster! abit tough, but pretty yummy 🙂

“yu piao” soup. what is it called… is it fish maw? anyway i love it too. lunch with parents = good food without paying.

with Gina (elder sis) and Lina (younger sis). everyone says we dont look the least bit alike. i agree. pardon the pasty looking non-made up faces : /

and look what we spotted on the way back omg.

a truck with the batman logo painted on its back! coooooool.

to Somerset313 i went with Farah,


HVV criss-cross pleated chiffon babydoll dress,
with ATBU pleather jacket and Zara leather sling bag.

the jacket is really warm on normal (hot) days though. can only be worn indoors in air conditioned places or like really chilly days! still like it alot 🙂 it adds an edgier feel to the more girly dresses i usually wear. i likeeeee.

anyways i was trying on clothes at dotty perks and i really liked this bustier/jeans combi but i look darned fat in the top la le sigh. tummy/ love handles showing and all. i asked the staff to reserve the jeans for me but then i forgot to bring out my discount card again today -_- and the jeans are $53.. am waiting for the day i can fit into a pair of size 8 jeans without looking like i’m trying too hard… i’ll throw away all my size 10 jeans and celebrate like mad.

the 3-storey F21 at 313 is huge but crowded! no pictures of the mall cos my camera battery was dying on me and i couldnt find my extra battery (which i found later in the side compartments, i am so smart). plus i was really broke (we both are : / ) so we didnt really shop but ended up spending our money on food, at this small bistro called Relax, because they were having a 50% off on pasta promotion!

but because i’m supposed to be on a diet, we were good and shared a salad, a pasta and a dessert…

our caesar salad, came in nicely cut up portions, with generously sized croutons, bacon bits and melon cubes! (Y)

sun-dried tomato aglio olio pasta with nice crunchy prawns! very yummy. and at half price, it’s less than $10 dollars! only got 3 prawns though 🙁 but it was really good!

ending off with delicious caramelized creme brulee. this is gonna be my next baking attempt. it is soooooo sinfully tasty.

i know i know. i am on diet right. but two of us shared the above three courses so it’s definitely not too carb/calorie laden! excusesss. and guess what, i’ve been jogging for the past 2 nights with YZ! i hope to keep it up for the next 2 months. it’s just 60 days! i need to psycho myself into the whole diet/exercise regime thing. plus, i bought these 2 $9 bargain tops from F21 and i look uber fat in em. i’ll keep them in my wardrobe in the hopes that i’ll be able to wear em in two months and not look/feel like a lump of lard. and FYI it’s not because they’re too small for me cos they are in size M and L respectively. just very body hugging : / can see my love handles, tummy and fatssss.

check back again with me in 2 months. hopefully by then i’d have lost some of the spare pounds : / plssss motivate me to exercise everyone.


and mummy put QQ into a dress the other day, so darn cute! she’s so skinny the dress is hanging on her. tsk tsk.

and let’s not forget the adorable chihuahua who loves bringing me her toys so that i can play tug-of-war or fetch with her.


more pictures i thieved off facebook of concert day,

…last but not least, i think YZ and i are such talented artists.

left: my drawing of him. with his trademark thick eyebrows and buttock chin.
right: his drawing of me. with my panda eyes wtf.

complete with artists’ signatures. LOL.

the resemblance is so there right. (Y)

ending off with me myself and i. mwahahaha.

oooh. just received an sms from loves-coach informing me that my new wristlet will be delivered to my doorstep tomorrow. yay! <3 can't wait!

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