O Christmas Trees! O Christmas Trees!

on the first day of Christmas,
my mailman gave to me;

a brand new ivory clutch from !  

ordered the clutch on thursday, and it reached me on saturday, how efficient is that?!

i am so turning into a bagholic. must be making up for the 22 bagless years i had! i’ve always just conveniently “borrowed” bags from my sisters instead of buying my own, but my collection of bags probably increased by like ten-fold this year -_- still waiting for the bal-inspired bag from HVV that’s on BO!

this clutch is made of good quality faux leather, i love the magnetic buttons that fastens the flap down! saves me the trouble of having to zip up the top of the bag heehee. good for lazy people like me.

with a front compartment with button enclosure

and super roomy main compartment with side pockets and another zippered pocket inside 🙂 

there’s two straps of different lengths given along with the bag which can be fixed onto the clutch, but i prefer it hand carried, looks more elegant!

it fits my essentials perfectly: my wristlet containing BB, cards and money plus my fat-ass camera! i’m really particular about having roomy clutches cos my camera is way too fat to fit into most clutches. love how versatile it is, the ivory shade is perfect for pairing with outfits! and WIW today..

bandage dress from ,
S&B leggings from  ,
ivory clutch from  ,
and my new necklace from dorothy perkins which i’m lovin’ as well!

mwahaha i really like this first photo because i look totally skinny please. but it’s all camera angles cos i’m really not skinny at all -_- it’s ok, one can dream! 


i loooove polaroids!

the way the colours and shapes mysteriously form on a black slate in a matter of seconds, it’s like magic :> 

one for my boy to keep in his wallet, and one for me to keep in mine 🙂


and what my love bought me today (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
hmm, you can call it an early christmas present!

the pair of Jimmy Choo-inspired shoes that i’ve been eyeing for way too long;

this is the original pair

mad chio! but Jimmy Choos are blaaaardi expensive!!!

so i happened to spot a reaally similar pair from Guess, which isn’t that cheap either 🙁 but my generous and loving bf paid for me! :>
thanks baby <3 actually saw the shoes two days ago, but the price tag put me off because it was only on sale for about minus 30 bucks off 🙁 in the end the bf offered to pay because he’s been appreciating how useful i am, (helping him DL his PSP soccer game for free and all….)

most of my friends know i’ve been lemming for a pair of fierce black heels for the longest time, and this pair satisfies my lemming completely! now, i just need to learn how to walk properly in them.

whoooo. my first pair of Guess shoes and my most expensive pair of heels to date! abit heartpain actually. but… they’re what i’ve been looking for, like forever!

was also eyeing this printed tank from topshop, but it costs like $59 (discounted price already) for just a sheer tank and i can’t bear to part with the money… :((((

christmas prezzie, anyone?


and the day before, the boy and i had a long day out in town,  we actually walked our way from Bugis to Cityhall, then to Plaza Sing, then to Somerset 313, and then to Ion, and after that all the way back to Plaza Sing again! *smug at amount of calories burnt* 


zig-zag throwover from ,
with nude clutch from  
and necklace from sputnikmuffin

the day started with a session of foot reflexology and back massage at fu lu shou;
i know right, like such middle-aged activity. but foot reflexology is supposed to be good for health!

it was painfully good, especially the back massage omg i was practically screaming in pain when the masseur was trying to work out the knots in my shoulder muscles. there was this old man who was sleeping throughout his foot reflexology session while BF and i watched in amazement because we sure couldnt get comfortable enough to sleep because of the ouch factor..

supposedly you’re not supposed to do foot reflexology on a full stomach, so we starved til the session was over and went for our brunch after!

to cyrstral jade, for my xiao long bao!!!

hungry hungry. 

anyway i think chinese restaurants are really good at swindling people outta their money, they dont state it but we ended up paying for the “provided” peanuts, wet tissues and even water… -.-….

my XLB!!! mmmmmmmmmm.

hot soupy goodness spilling out of a delicate skin. loooves.

stir-fried beef

spicy beef la mian

gluttony in progress.

ending off with tau huay in mango cream with pomelo/sago!


so as to digest the guilt-ridden food, we started on our stroll from Bugis to Ion…
and we took pictures with a good many christmas trees/ decorations/ displays along the way!

lol pardon the sloppy dressing. we were only intending to have a casual day out…

#1 sookee christmas tree

#2 christmas display inside the hotel at bugis (whadissit called i forgot)

#3 more inside the hotel..

*random picture of YZ trying to be funny*

then moved on to cityhall… and to somerset 313, the crowd was amazing for a friday afternoon!


you havent seen crowded if you’d not stepped into a MNG sale.

walked in for about three minutes and headed straight out for the door. just way too crowded for me! 🙁

so full of people like you cannot believe it.

we underestimated the distance/overestimated ourselves because our feet were dead sore by the time we reached Ion.


but not too tired to take more pictures with the giant Ion christmas tree! the inside of the tree is fascinating heehee. 


yknow, i think just about everyone has a DSLR nowadays. except for me…. i saw sooo many DSLRs on the streets like it’s a normal PnS compact. i want a DSLR too! but carrying around a bulky camera kinda turns me off despite the fantastic picture quality. plus my LX3 is pretty decent as it is already…

cute kids playing with the water displays outside Ion!


everyone around us were too busy taking their own pictures with the tree but we finally got a stranger to take a rather badly taken shot of the two of us but nvm…

more lights / displays / decorations along the streets!


i’ve seriously never seen orchard road so packed before. 

and a ferraro rocher christmas tree! if only it were edible…


yay! that’s about most of the pictures we took! and i dont think i’ll be stepping into orchard for the next few days (except for tmr night’s dinner with the girls, exciting!!) til new year is over or something, because

1. the crowd is suffocatingly scary
2. i dont want to end up spending more money on the christmas sales everywhere!

shall spend a quiet christmas elsewhere far far away from town, with the bf, maybe having our sumptious 2-person romantic steamboat….

so, MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone, be of good cheer! :> 

am about to go jogging now. it’s like my 4th jog in a week! *pats self on back* though i must say that i’ve been eating so much that the amount of exercise i’m doing isn’t helping. but it’s a psychological thing. at least i feel slightly better about myself…

ok off to jog! go go go!

EDIT: was 1/10 into jog when it started raining FML. jogging delayed to tomorrow morning, if indeed i can wake up early enough to run……

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