merry christmas!


*merry christmas to all my loved ones, family, friends, readers, and everyone else!*

i know it’s still just christmas eve but i’m feeling all holiday-ish and christmassy already. despite that i’m about to be out of a job, my boyfriend’s hand is yet fully recovered, i drew the extremely crappiest prize at my ex-company’s UN-lucky draw last night (more on that next entry -_-) , that my new year resolution of losing weight is still unattainable, my parents just got into a quarrel (again) and various other mishaps, i am still thankful for everything that i have and feel really blessed. so please be happy everyone! go around and smile because it’s christmas! i can’t wait for a better year ahead and i pray for my blessings to multiply tenfold. i really dont know what’s in store for me after this christmas, (no more job, no more money, no more shopping??!) but i’ll manage…. somehow or other. and thank you for being a reader. i’m amazed at all the different avenues this little space here has opened up for me. new friendships, new opportunities, new experiences and so much joy 🙂 loves



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