finally got a new phone together with YZ after two years of using our pathetically laggy and buggy N73, and it’s not just any phone, it’s the BlackBerry Curve! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ been contemplating on the BB/Iphone for ages but went for BB in the end because i dont really like touch screen phones, i prefer phones with keypads! plus, everyone’s been getting iphones but i think they’re kinda hyped up and overrated. it’s an Apple thing.

so we were deciding between the Bold and Curve, opting for Curve in the end because it’s cheaper and smaller πŸ™‚ and guess how much we paid for our phones in the end. only $28 per phone with a 2-year contract with M1! omg lor. the plan was initially $128, but there’s a discount of $100 for porting in your line from another telco (for YZ’s) while i had $100 back in the form of bill rebate. the last time we changed phones was in 2007 and we paid nearly $900 in total for our two phones back then! madness. technology is really affordable now.

it’s quite hilarious really, because YZ and i just brought our spanking new phones down to Gmask today to mask ’em, and the phone masking actually cost more than the phone itself, at $38 each! -_-

and am totally not regretting my decision to convert to a BB user because it’s been great so far, BBM is fantastic and well cos it’s my first smartphone i really feel damn smart with it now, i can go online, go google, go twitter, go facebook, and where ever omg. i am so connected to the world now!!!

plus, because YZ signed up his new line under my name, it is so awesome cos firstly, M1 has that Call3 thingy, that you specify 3 other M1 mobile numbers and all outgoing calls to them are unlimited and free!!! which means that if we wanna have long fights over the phone in future at least it aint gonna cost us a cent. lol. plus M1 had some other promo which offers 25% off subscription fees with 3 lines under one name, so we signed up for one more mobile broadband line and am only paying like a few dollars more for it than i would be paying for the 2 lines initially, after the 25% off 3 lines thingy. whoopeedoooo.

and the first picture taken with my BB and uploaded directly to Flickr hiak hiak hiak. i love how all my applications are “talking” to one another now. like my Gmail is set up with the BB, and so is Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, and etc…

YZ and i with our new phones. yay πŸ™‚
we’re both very happy with the phones and keep BBM-ing each other even though we’re about 10cm apart. lolllll.
ooh was wearing chiffon pleated bustier and balenciaga-inspired jacket from :))

we went to Manpuku at Tampines1 for our celebratory meal! first time there, and the food’s gooooooooood. not cheap though. but we ordered alot of dishes T-T i am totally going on a diet/exercise regime after the concert is over tmr. 2 more months exactly to CNY and i dont wanna feel all fat and bloated like i do now. it’s too sad.

we spent $78 just on this meal alone -_- how scary is that. i think because we ordered the skewered stuff which is pretty expensive.. πŸ™ YZ traded in his old 6300 for $80 and it was just about enough to pay for this meal. tsk tsk. but all in all, we still spent very little considering we were intending to pay up to 800-900 for the two BB phones! money saved πŸ˜€ alot of calories spent though. i dont even wanna think about it. exerciseeeee next week onwards πŸ™

love the new phone! :))) and friends, add me on BBM if you’ve yet to do so. just search for my gmail email acct!


two dresses came for me in the mail today,
just in time for me to wear out mwahhaha.

mystical mesh dress from , this is super figure flattering! esp the drapes at the skirt! love love <3 plus i am so into mesh and togas lol.

black crochet dress from , love the pretty crochet details!! awesome for a casual day out :)) wore it out today already πŸ™‚

got the HVV pleated babydoll top too but it has a small sewing defect so i need to send it back πŸ™ can’t wait for my other stuff to reach me next week! i am feeling rather deprived of online shopping but am broke (again) til payday on the 18th πŸ™ just one more week away!!!


and tomorrow’s the big big concert day, i can’t say i’m ready but this is as ready as we’ll ever be! am praying hard that i dont accidentally choke on my saliva or something during my few solo lines. that would be utterly disgraceful πŸ™ oooh and now with my new phone i can tweet pictures and other cool stuff! so i can do live updates tmr backstage and stuff! so cool eh πŸ˜€ not that anyones interested but nvm….

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