from the beginning of time

i can’t believe 2009 is nearly at the end of its lifespan but yet there’s so much of it left for me to ruminate over and reflect upon, 
so many memories experiences that havent gotten a chance to be immortalised in feelings words images,
and a pile of work to complete before it hits the last day of the year! >< i want to blog about my christmas happenings and all, but i have five comic pages waiting to be colored. boohoo. in about two and a half days, that makes for half a day per page ugh. oh and my driving TP is happening on Wed right after i clear the work by Tues morn. God help me pass. but here’s some stuff i’ve wanted to share for awhile: pages from a scrapbook i made sometime ago in Aug for our two years anniversary 🙂

painstaking cut out those pretty letters from pieces of decorative paper! it’s harder work than i thought.

July 2007, where we met: at The Ark singing cafe, also known as 木船民歌餐廳, and our first picture ever taken together (we both look silly!)

initial stages of our relationship, and our first CNY spent together..

Feb 2008, the first valentines day, i got a bouquet of roses 🙂

lovey dovey picture, and when we went to Korea together with his family for our first overseas trip (i want to blog about Korea but too many pictures, 🙁 havent even edited/picked out pictures!!)

another picture from Korea, and us at the finals of the singing comp i took part in May.

his birthday this July. i made tiramisu cake for him as a surprise but surprised bombed 🙁 he saw the recipe on my internet browser or something?!

first/last images were taken during my 21st birthday 🙂 

and we just spent our third christmas together,
it seems like time has passed so quick, but it also seems like we’ve been together for ever, how paradoxical.
looking forward to the next year with you baby.



WIW on christmas eve,

pink chiffon top and S&B leggings from  ,
long cardi from dorothy perkins

oh i think the hairbun looks really cute, teehee inspired by aggie 😛 



and tons of new items for christmas week,

 self-manufactured lipsy V dress in purple, i heart this so much, the embellishments at the underbust area is so pretty, and the dress is extremely flattering and gorgeous, not to mention that it’s in my favourite shade of purple 🙂 i love purple!

 self-manufactured black lace top, subtly sexy and flirty! love the off-shouldered look and the material is really comfy 🙂

 flowy chiffon dress in mint, i love the mint color, it’s totally refreshing and fresh 🙂 a tad tight on me though 🙁 will fit a UK6-8 best! still in two minds about whether to keep it or not :/ 

 glitter band tube dress in fuschia, this is my sister’s, definitely a keeper! very flattering cut and awesome color combi! <3

electricsheep studded white cardi, tres chic and i love the white studded look, something different from black w studs! :))) 


ok, backie to workie now! i have such a short attention span it’s so terrible 🙁 i should be banned from the internet!!!!!

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