the fairy charity ball

a couple of weeks ago,

JY and i were invited by Van to help her out at a charity dinner event which was held last night,
and we both agreed to do it together because it sounded really interesting, a fairy-themed charity dinner!

sidenote: when i told my mom about it, she was all like..
“forgot to ask you… do you need to wear like bunny ears and a playsuit??????”
me: …… -____-

so JY popped over to my place an hour before the dinner yesterday, to prepare and doll ourselves up!

my room’s in such a mess, cos i was trying on my new clothes before JY arrived. horribleee.

we were totally in a rush and so late : /
so quickly changed into our dresses (dress code black), did our makeup and rushed off!
but got totally stuck in a traffic jam, plus JY’s GPRS kept bringing us around detours!!

in the end we reached the hotel like almost an hour late! -_- sorry about that Van!

check this out: on the right is the event we were attending. on the left was the 82th birthday anniversary of his majesty king whoever and national day of thailand. whoaaa.

our “job” was to sell champagne in the name of charity,

here’s the other two pretty “champagne girls”, Van and Cindy!

it was definitely harder work than expected, because people kept thinking the champagne was free until we corrected them, and when some heard they had to pay they just went “oh” and walked away -_- and the tray is pretty heavy so guess what, clumsy me accidentally had a couple of champagne glasses topple over and one broke on the carpet, soaking JY’s and my shoes in champagne… -_-

and one of the tai-tais even remarked upon seeing me crouching unglamly on the carpet picking up glass pieces,

“ohhhh, these volunteer girls, they have to learn how to do their jobs…”

such an uppity remark right? some of the nicer ladies at least kindly helped to point out glass pieces on the carpet so i could pick them up.
most of the gentlemen were very obliging to pay for the champagne, but alot of the ladies declined or gave a “i have to pay?” face. we even had ladies coming over to ask us “where’s the toilet” and all. well i had no idea where the toilet is duh. i suppose we looked too much like the other waiters and waitresses working for the hotel!

thankfully did not encounter any other boo-boos while selling champagne. in fact, the lady who was in charge of the champagne sales was so nice and kind to us, she even got us seats at the dining tables within the ballroom though we were expecting a packed dinner in a corner outside! so we got to enter the beautifully decorated and themed ballroom, as well as enjoy the food and programme!

the interior of the ballroom was made to look like a magical enchanted forest, very pretty!

table centerpiece with lots of pretty blue blinking lights

the lighting is very pretty and ethereal 🙂 even the napkin was tied up in a ribbon, along with little boxes of truffles for guests to bring home.

JY and i playing with the light sprays!

randomly i went to Chomel just to look for suitable accessories to match the fairy theme and i ended up with a cute little diamante feathered hair band which cost me $29, but thank God for it because we were soo underdressed that the featherband at least made me look more in line with the theme instead : /

a close-up of the table centrepiece and our menu for the night.

it was really hard to take pictures of the food under the low-lighting,
but with my amazing little camera and help from the two light spray thingies i managed to take some nice shots! 😀

smoked salmon trout with fennel salad, lemon vinaigrette and salmon roe

winter squash soup with grounded cinnamon and garlic crouton

JY’s panfried codfish on white bean puree, baby spinach, truffle cream

my braised beef cheek with caramelized carrot, pearl onion and truffle mesh

the food was generally decent, but we were running about in between the food because we needed to go table to table to sell the bottle of champagne provided on each table. again most guests weren’t very keen on buying, but somehow the champagne sales were really good at the end of the night, one guy even whipped out his credit card and asked for 24 bottles to be delivered to his door step! : O

my artistic shot of the roses by each plate on the dining table, lol. lighting: yina photography: yina digital imaging: yina hahaha.

camwhoring with JY! mosaic-ed out her face cos she say ugly. hmm it’s so hard to take pictures in there cos it’s dark!

and then the fashion show started!
it was more like a very artistically staged theatrical dance runway show in line with the fairy theme.
i took sooo many pictures of the show!

my favourites below:

a beautiful scene in which pieces of silver confetti were scattered all over the stage (and into my food and drinks as well….) with the help of this:


a gorgeous backdrop was revealed then. so pretty!

ok end of show! sorry for the picture spammage! i have so so many more. but the costumes and makeup and stage setup/effects were really amazingly exquisite and intricate! i am pretty in awe that a charity dinner can be held in such pompous extravagant style.

another shot of the ballroom.

and since the lights are back on we take more pictures.

and it’s dessert buffet time!

an assortment of desserts, in various forms.

sad but true fact: JY and i totally dont belong at gala dinner events. after my embarrassing incident with dropping a champagne glass, JY dropped one of our creme brulee and it turned into a smeary mess on the carpets :/ to the cleaning staff at shangri-la, sorry!
and two of us were left with one tiny little creme brulee to share because they were so popular that none were left on the dessert tables when we got around to eating. roaaarr.

mirror shot of the four girls! we finally congregated together after the dinner ended because van and cindy were at a separate table.

you may have noticed we still had two creme brulee in this shot. pre-accident. and cindy is so photogenic and picture perfect i cannot stand it!

JY and i feel better when we take pictures without the other two pretty girls. the discrepancy not so great haha.

i was trying to do a cindy tilt-head-smile-sweet pose.
anyway cindy saved me with her eyeliner cos JY said mine looked non-existent but i didnt bring any make-up to touch up with! thank you cindy!!

van was wearing uber uber high heels and she had to stoop to look like she’s my height!!
i feel so sad taking a picture with van because she’s so tall and slim haha. i waaantttt.

group shots!

poor van’s legs must have been aching because she had to adjust to our heights for all the shots haha!

anyway i like my dress but it’s like loose on me and i had to keep pulling it up 🙁
wanted to alter it but tailor said it couldnt be done so easily!!

i like this shot, i look soooo demure.

end of the night!
thank you ladies for the enjoyable night despite the “work”, and i had a great time with all of you!
it was definitely an interesting experience and eye-opener for me :))) to enter the world of the upper-class society for a night lol.

will update with more pictures maybe when cindy and van upload theirs!


and my goodies delivered by mr postman this week:

first up, two dresses from electricsheep!
was quite confused cos i saw em on bluekismet as well but they explained to me that it’s manufactured by electricsheep then distributed to the other BS..

Babydoll Chiffon Bustier Dress, i absolutely love the cutting because it’s so flattering! teehee it’s padded too for the extra oomph!

Jersey Cocktail Dress in Royal Purple, super comfy and stretchy material! wanted to pair with a thick belt but cannot find, so i tried a thin belt! the shoulder flaps thingy will ride up easily though i think… but overall i love the cut and length as well 🙂

and a couple of other dresses…

Puffed Sleeve Shift Dress in Navy, very well made with an inner satin lining, but i definitely need to wear leggings with it cos it’s too short as a dress…

Bandage Dress in Dusty Pink, such a yummy shade of pink and very comfy as well! love the bandage skirt bottom, sexy!


TGIF, and have a happy weekend everyone!
i feel so christmassy already. next week’s my big concert so am gonna be mad busy!!!
will update as and when i can! 🙂

ps. ebay seller is now offering me 50USD refund. her first offer was 20USD then 35USD. good thing i wasnt stupid enough to accept either previous offers. thing is now, i’m not sure if i’m able to push for a full refund via ebay resolution centre? because i’ve already opened a case with them and indicated for a full refund, but she’s still only offering 50USD.

so i can either
a) keep the bag (with scratches on it), and get 70SGD back or
b) push for a full refund and send back the bag.

help, anyone?

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