i am so happy today, i dont know where to start! have soooo many things to share on this space! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

let’s start with #1:
personally hand delivered to my doorstep no less!!

all nicely wrapped up and intact…

in it’s original COACH packaging and tissue wrapping ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

deng deng deng deng!!!

my super chio COACH wrislet, in an absolutely pretty shade of pink!

my bf said to my good friend: “when i knew yina, she’d never ever be wearing/carrying pink….”
me: “times have changed…”

it comes with its original tag as well and is in brand new pristine condition!

the mostest bestest thing is that it fits my BB perfectly <3 yay! perfect for carrying out to lunch time with my phone and some money!
after my whole Kate Spade bag fiasco with eBay, i totally dont trust eBay anymore unless the seller has 999942853342 positive feedbacks :((( i’m still waiting for my blardi refund from the eBay seller cos the parcel i sent over probably hasnt reached her yet and i’m so worried reg mail can’t be tracked all over there and i paid like almost $50 to send back the bag by reg mail can??? and furthermore it’s the holiday season which means my parcel might be delayed!! (#&$@#(*@&#!@^ hai. shouldnt even have bought from eBay in the first place, so suay ๐Ÿ™

so i was super happy to find loves-coach, because they provide delivery right to your door step and the best part is, they provide a full refund if the item is damaged during shipment! omg lor.. so trustworthy! and since steph got an item from them too i figured it should be safe and authentic! don’t even have to worry about lost mail or what nots. SO GOOD RIGHT. you can be rest assured of a fuss-free and safe transaction!

receiving your item takes less than 2 weeks from time of order, and when your item has been shipped to Singapore, they even SMS you to inform you of the delivery time so that someone can be home to collect the item! hate it when registered articles end up back at the PO cos there’s no one home to get them ๐Ÿ™ and i would definitely not trust normal mail to bring such expensive items to me intact.

i highly recommend loves-coach!!!ย 

now i’m tempted to get Kate Spade stuff from them cos they also stock KS stuff as well. temptations temptations.ย 

camwhoring with the new wristlet. the color is mad chio right. i am turning into such a pink fan. srsly.

loooooove it! <3 <3 <3ย 
lemming for more stuff from them now. but noooo. have to wait til my stupid refund for the KS bag is processed. there better not be any cockup if not i will be poorer by $300 for nothing!!!! zzzzzz. angry. will never trust eBay sellers that reply to negative feedbacks in CAPITAL LETTERS again. should have known better ๐Ÿ™


happy thing #2: i finally get to introduce the bestest BCM in town, and my absolute favourite!

for the ill-informed, BCM is my acronym for ba chor mee, also known as minced pork noodles, and this particular stall is opened by my bf’s family (teehee, i know… how convenient!!!) but i swear, i am definitely not being biased because it is totally my favourite BCM stall and i lem for it all the time despite me always going down to eat! in fact after i got together with YZ and tried the BCM for the first time i totally dont eat BCM at any other stall other than his already. because it is THAT good.

introducing…. Da Sheng Minced Pork Noodle!!! located at Plaza Singapura, level 6 Kopitiam foodcourt!

to prove that i’m not biased, check out the lunch time queue. it is mad longggggggg.
even YZ has to queue up to eat his own noodles lor.

they’ve won awards and had magazine features!

and i coincidentally ran into my little sister, who also brought her friend down to try the noodles! Lina’s a big fan of the BCM too.

and srsly, the BCM is soooo drool-worthy.
they give a really generous serving of noodles, topped with minced meat, braised mushrooms, meatballs, and etc!!

i really love it to the max that i can’t resist having it whenever i pop over to visit YZ who helps out at the store Mon-Wed nights. it is sooooo bad for my diet, but it’s so good that i really can’t miss it! ๐Ÿ™ i loooove my BCM with lots of chilli and vinegar, and theirs tastes so good! the fried dumplings are damn yummy too but even more sinful cos they’re fried arghhhhhh. i am gonna turn into a pig rly.ย 

happily posing with my BCM. salivating now looking at the pictures T-T

see how clean my bowl is when the cleaners were clearing it away. it is (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y)

so if you’re a true blue BCM fan like i am, do pop by the stall if you’re at Plaza Sing for a meal! mwahaha all my friends reguarly patronise the stall now as well after i brought them there for the first time. you definitely wont regret it! oooh and if you’re there mon-wed nights you might even catch YZ at the stall helping out. hahahha tell him you’re my friend and ask for more “liao” :X yummms! i had it today and yesterday, two days consecutively in a row :((( but i went jogging just now with YZ so that eases the guilt factor a little! have to eat clean tomorrow and the day after and the day after after! if not all my jogging will be for naught cos, today i had a really bad day calories intake-wise ๐Ÿ™


#3 bit of happiness of the day: what else but clothes and shopping!!!

Dorothy Perkins started their sales today and i just had to go down to scout for good buys!!! and i am soooooo satisfied with my buys today!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ spent $102 on four items: a dress, a cardi, a shrug and a necklace!!! it is sooo worth it and so cheap because most of the sale items are on up to 50% discount with an additional 15% off storewide for card members (that’s me!) haha but guess what i didnt get the bustier top nor the jeans that i was talking about in the previous entry! the bustier top was still $39 after discount and i couldnt find the jeans in my size anymore ๐Ÿ™

but firstly, WIW today

la femme toga top from electricsheep that only just came in the mail yesterday,
paired with studded bandage skirt fromย !

i am so loving the top and the combi! chic without looking like i’m trying too hard ๐Ÿ˜€ i hope! and i am definitely turning into a electricsheep fan because so far all the items i got from them are gorgeous and fit really well! zzz am now eyeing the studded white cardi from the same collection…. -.-|||

and my buys from dotty perks,
floral strong-shouldered dress, $29 i love the vintage print and it’s sucha nice flattering fit! love the ruffled shoulders too whooo.
such a steal!

shimmery champagne batwing shrug, $29, so chic and elegant, definitely going to bring it along for fancy dinners and stuff to throw over if i get cold! hides the flabby arms too mwahahah.

grey long cardi, $29, i totally looooove the pockets and the baggy over-sized look! hehehe wore it afterwards when i got cold.
love this TTM!

lastly, victorian looking layered cross necklace, $28, this is darn pretty and will look really good with plain dresses/tops methinks!!! YZ thinks it’s pretty too! plus i’ve been wanting to get a chained necklace forever! am already visualising mentally which dresses i’m gonna pair this necklace with haha. and my total savings were like, $80 over dollars or something??! mad cheap can!!! am duper happy about it!


plus, to add the icing to the cake, i mysteriously grew richer by another $400 during the course of the day… :> yayy!!!! which girl wouldnt be ecstatic if they were me? spent $100 shopping and still got a $300 profit which i am so going to spend on even more shopping now…. :X should i go down to topshop to check out their sales tmr????

no information will be divulged publicly here on my dubious profits but here are some pictures… keep it a secret if you manage to glint anything out from them ok?

YZ and i with his mom! she’s extremely extremely nice to me and i appreciate her so much ๐Ÿ™‚

put on my long cardi already cos the toga top is only long sleeved on one side lol and i didnt want half of me to freeze.

me loves shades because they hide 2/3 of my face and makes me look like i could be damn chio.ย 
(the power of suggestion!)

okay it’s really late now but i just had to blog out this long entry because imma sucha happy girl today.

good night!!!

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