the beginning of the end

had an uberrrr crappy week, but a night out with these two girlies was a definite pick-me-up!! and as i’d already expected, it was already past 8 when our “7.30pm dinner date” started!! teehee. but it’s okay darlings i still lub you two much much! :))) so excited because we’ve been planning our outing for agesssss but those two girls are soooo busy and things dragged on for a good two to three months before we even settled on a fixed date! yay!!

so let’s start with WIW,

guess-inspired denim frock,

we’d all agreed on wearing our pretty new dresses that we kept on buying online to hoard in our wardrobes for lack of occasion! so i got to wear my pretty new guess frock and it’s really gorgeous and i love it ๐Ÿ™‚

was all made up too so i took the opportunity to camwhore abit….. : P okay fine. ALOT.

oohh and randomly, the sunset yesterday was beautiful!

it got even prettier when the skies turned a lil darker but this was how it looked like when i left my office.

so back to dinner;
we went to a place all three of us love: Marche!

awesomeeee. for the first time, i didn’t take many pictures of the restaurants/food because we were so busy eating and talking! unglam much. but here’s some pictures of the food that steph & i took.

delish calamari!

our all time favourite, rosti :)))

caesar salad!!! (that steph thinks is rabbit food…..)

chicken! notice how there are two pieces. because our dear HJ is so super charming and charismatic that everyone gives her extra food everywhere she goes.

and HJ was very proud of it too.

steph wanted to pose with the calamari as well, so here we go

wooo. and the three of us just sat there talking and talking and talking (i think it was mostly me talking -.- while the two girls kept on feeding me by piling food on my plate while i talked -.-) for like almost two hours!

let’s not forget the camwhoring

HJ tries to plant a kiss on steph’s cheek but steph’s not impressed.

BF called..

HJ and steph pretend to be “on the phone” to pose for pictures -_- thanks ah

the two of them have been going on and on about the new wallet i dunno why so this is them worshipping it!

Prada should totally hire HJ to be their ambassador/spokesperson. see how good she looks holding that wallet?

we adore my wallet too (but it’s starting to show signs of wear and tear… :< )

and i seriously crown HJ the worst photographer of the day :`(

she somehow manages to bring out the worst in everyone ๐Ÿ™

even our zi-pai is nicer than her million and one shots lor!

done with our meal and we got the staff to help us take a group picture. but FAIL.
her photography skillz, cannot make it ๐Ÿ™

nehmind. again with flash.

you may have noticed we’re all wearing stuff bought online, tsk! HJ’s in ‘s dress and ‘s blazer, steph’s in ‘s chiffon dress while i’m in ‘s denim frock <3
and we couldnt resist taking more pictures within marche’s cute country house-themed settings!

lol i dunno what HJ’s expression is supposed to be.

steph: i want a coooowwww in my windowwwwww………
yina & hj: …………….

anyway, HJ turned on her womanly charms like a dam unleashed upon this poor guy sitting nearby to sweetly implore him to take these pictures for us. obviously her charms worked.

we finished dinner and were walking past the huge christmas tree outside so very naturally we took even more pictures….

reaching for the lights ๐Ÿ˜€

and we’re not done yet! carried on to starbucks for drinks because no ice cream place was open anymore ๐Ÿ™ and entertained ourselves by taking self-timer shots! think we pissed off the girl studying at the next table so bad. tsk tsk.

shot 1: FAIL. tissue paper sticking out at corner of lens -_-


trying to hiao pose. steph said her dress not tight enough to hiao so nvm let her off this time.

and lastly, HJ just had to show off her 4.5″ tall heels..

wooo no more!! we ran into this gorgeous group of tall caucasian models at the train station and didn’t dare to sit in their cabin for fear of melting into puddles of shame. they were all tall (in flats!!!) and chic and beautiful with chiseled side profiles and sleek hair buns!

anyway, it’s the beginning of the end (the last month of 2009) and soon to be 2010 ๐Ÿ™ things have been crappy the last few days but hopefully the new year will bring positive changes about.

meanwhile, thank you darlings for the fun night out! next round we’ll go have gelato and KOI ok? :))))


oh and a couple of my new arrivals from mr postman <3
chiffon bustier dresses from Viola, i love them so much!

and WIW today,
casual burnt-out tank in black from Vel’s, now i feel like getting em in the other colors too!
paired with shorts from cotton on and cardigan from ๐Ÿ™‚

simple & comfy.

tomorrow’s gonna be an excitingly fun night (i hope)!!!!!! shan’t reveal too much now but i’ll definite update again on this space if permitted :)))

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