at the marmalade pantry!

hello! short and sweet post because horrors of horrors (or maybe joys of joys?) i have freelance work to rush over christmas weekend,

: eh. do you want holiday or do you want work?
me: you should ask me. do i want holiday or do i want money?

obviously i want money. holidays can wait for when there’s no work to do! 🙂 


so yesterday i finally met up with a group of girlies i’ve been meaning to meet up with for the longest time!
we had dinner at the marmalade pantry at Ion, five of us excluding Noi who had to OT last minute! 🙁


strong-shouldered floral dress, Dorothy Perkins,
obi lace-up belt,  
nude clutch,  
heels are for show cos i changed into flats in the end 😛

i totally love the vintagey floral prints/color of the dress! and it looks edgy chic paired with the belt <3 

dinner attendees: my first time meeting them all (except for steph of course) and they’re all really nice and sweet girls! :))) teehee. we had an awesome time!

wendy, myself and steph!

adelinda and deborah!

on to the food:
a word of caution to the ladies and gentlemen who intend to dine at MP, do not, i repeat, do not order the truffled field mushroom risotto! because,

it is an absolutely puny and sad-looking portion of risotto T.T 

i was contemplating so long on what to order, my first choice was crabmeat linguine but i’d already tried that before and two of the other girls were gonna order that, second choice being the steak sandwich which wasnt available FML, and in the end i ordered the mushroom risotto instead and was utterly disappointed 🙁 

the portion may look decent from the picture, but that’s cos of my l337 photo-taking skillz. look at the size of each rice grain in comparison to the entire portion and you’ll see what i mean. it’s like a palm-sized serving or something? compared to the crabmeat linguine, pathetic. and it costs around the same price! which makes the tiny serving totally unjustifiable 🙁

i shoulda just stuck to my crabmeat linguine instead of trying to be adventurous. bah.

poor debs ordered the same thing as me and we finished our risotto in about three bites. i had to use a fork and eat my risotto in miniscule mouthfuls so that it lasted while the other two girls were enjoying their significantly larger portion of linguine. except poor steph who had the runs and didnt eat a main!

and BTW, this is how clean my plate looked after i was done with it.
i swear i wasn’t even feeling half full even after reducing the plate of risotto to a leaf and a couple grains of rice 🙁

though it was probably more of a psychological effect, because just looking at the tiny serving already indicated to my brain that i wasnt gonna get full on that! but other than the unsatisfying main course,  it was great fun chatting and gossiping with the girls! 

you shoulda seen what happened at 8pm,

everyone studiously engrossed with adelinda’s iphone. cos you know why. 

agneselle launched at 8pm lol.
such online shopaholics! *shakes head* just cannot miss a launch even when we’re out with limited internet access!

another picture of my side of the table, with my camera, flash on

and i was totally besotted with wendy’s zi pai camera omg!
it has an additional LCD touch screen at the front of the camera next to the lens, so that you can zi pai with ease! every girl’s dream camera. i didnt even wanna touch my LX3 anymore after we tried zi pai-ing with wendy’s camera, it’s so fun and convenient!

zi pai awesomeness.

service was really slow that night though 🙁 we wanted to take a group picture but waited for like maybe two to three minutes before any waiter/waitress looked in our direction/passed us by so that we could request for help.

at least it was a pretty nice shot! ok i still think my camera is the best. picture quality wise i mean. if only a camera could have the lumix’s picture quality and other cool functions like additional LCD in front and all.. i’d be sold.

back to wendy’s camera again, it was hilarious because it had a smile detection function we all couldnt figure how to turn off! so the camera kept on detecting smiles by itself during our failed group shots and the waitress was befuddled!

and this is us testing the smile detection!
big happy grins everyone. show your teeth. 

despite all my complaints about the puny risotto and slow service, the dessert at MP is still TDF! we ordered two to share:

caramelized something-or-other bread pudding with ice cream

sticky date & toffee pudding with ice cream

both are good, but the sticky date & toffee pudding is still the winner 🙂 have had it three times at MP already and it still never fails to complete my meal! at least it made up abit for the earlier dissatisfaction i felt!

steph had one all to herself instead of having a main course and she was gleefully snapping away at it with my camera haha. doesnt it look sticky and delicious?

ooh and also, MP has a 20% off for ladies night! if i’m not mistaken the promotion runs from mon-sat night so it’s still a great place for girls to dine out together! as long as you dont order the risotto. (i know i keep on harping upon it, but i was massively and sorely disappointed with it.. so…..)

after-dinner pictures with the Ion christmas tree!

with wendy’s camera, the very convenient zi pai LCD screen in front allowed us to squeeze all 5 girls into a shot! :)))


looking forward to our next dinner/outing with the other missing non-attendees! i think i’ve made alot of friends/acquaintances by grace of the internet! and i’m really thankful for it.

random lift shot.
i just like the dress. and the swirly patterns on the lift walls 🙂


on to other topics, i’ll be having my last two revision lessons before my TP on the 30th dec 🙁 so gonna make or break my NYE! am really praying that i pass on the first attempt and not waste more of my resources (time and money) on acquiring my driver’s license, because it’s more or less confirmed that i’ll be out of a full-time job come 2010.

anyone wants to hire me?

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