walao crappy day

hello i went to this shop at AMK to do eyebrow threading today, and u know i’m VERY particular about my brows but i’m also a risk taker so i just anyhow-ly walked into this big shop and asked to do my brows and i thought the beautician seemed experienced, but in the end i ended up with weird brows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hai now i have to draw my brows everyday or something til it grows out wth.

see how the front of my brows disappeared wtf balding eyebrows ): HAI. damn weird hai. you dunno how sad i am now. and sorry no make up again.


plus the ebay seller hasn’t replied me since last night and i sent her a mail at bloody 4am til now no reply 🙁 i am really quite pissed off with her!! is it MY fault that she overlooked the scratches? no right? >: ( see her emails. she sounds SO unapolegetic like it’s my fault i got sent a defective item. am seriously going to report to ebay if she doesnt reply me in the next 24 hours. and DEMAND a refund from her. WTF.

and pictures of the scratches/marks on the purse

blardi upset about it 🙁


nvm, let’s move on to happier things,
like i made chocolate molten lava cake today and it was SUCCESS. oozing chocolatey goodness.

topped with ice cream for maximum pleasure. YZ & i polished off two of it, no sweat.


happy thing #2, mailbox goodies!
my nude pullover from Vel and necklace from sputnikmuffin

<3 the nude pullover doesnt want to stay in place though -.- keeps on riding up my shoulders!

love the maple leaf & dog tag pendant. simple and elegant.

and vintage heartcharm also from sputnikmuffin! SO cute!

am still waiting for HVV parcel. thought it might come today but nothing 🙁 and tmr’s PH too, so no mail tmr… boo.
well anyway, have a good PH tomorrow everyone! love PHs that make a long weekend. woooo. hopefully the rest of my long weekend will be considerably happier than today. boring entry i know. if i post up anymore makeup-less pictures of myself i think nobody want to read this blog already.


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