today is the 10th of november

… and i am sooo sooo dead broke after paying my share of the wallet and booking my driving lessons/TP!!! ):

in fact i’ve been living on sandwiches for lunch for the past one week already and it’s another 8 days to my payday. another week of sandwiches to go ): but it’s amazing how much money you can save by not spending on food outside. and i’ve been using the “saved” money to pay for my insatiable online shopping urges instead because it’s easier to pack sandwiches to lunch than to not buy any more new things til my next pay day hurhur.

so i havent been doing much of interest ya know, no money no social life and all that…. was also busy working on some freelance last week (trying to earn back the money i spent how saddd) and not much to update on this space thus. but here’s some random stuff. i think all my blog readers wanna migrate elsewhere already dont leave meeeee ): i bribe you all with pictures of QQ okay?

QQ’s getting real big and scruffy now, and super mischevioussss she’ll just keep on barking at her high-pitched frequency until you bring her out. she sounds like a soft toy barking. hahaha. and she’s soooo hyper cannot keep still that it’s really hard to get pictures of her!

Fat Baby and QQ. Baby sometimes entertains QQ but most of the time she can’t be bothered.

can’t see QQ’s eyes most of the time cos her hair is so scruffy!

looking all emo cos noone wants to play with her.

AWWWWWW. literal puppy eyes. 

teehee. so cutesss right. my parents dote on her like she’s their 4th daughter i swear. but she pee-ed twice on that blue comforter thing -_- 

online stuff!

1. Victoria in grey from . hmmm it’s too tight for me at the hips and the sleeve make my fat arms really obvious! ): selling it off already boo.
2. HVV shirtdress in nude from hervelvetvase. haha i got it in both nude and rum but i like the rum color more so passed the nude one on to F instead and she now has it in all 4 colours (tsk tsk)

4&5. pink chiffon top and S&B leggings from , i totally <3 the leggings because i swear they make my legs look slimmer! and they are soo comfy. super big fan of the leggings now. and i bought more items from too! can never resist their collections i am a weak willed shopaholic 🙁 — and what i wore on Sunday
HVV shirtdress with S&B leggings! <3 <3
turtle soup at Guillemard Rd with YZ :))) see the aftermath, dont even have any soup left in the pot pls. i am a mad soup lover.


and backdated pictures from class gathering 2 weeks ago! :)))) to the rice table indo restaurant at international building for dinner. 

‘s embroidered bohemian frock in dark grey.

mad dark in the restaurant which is bad for photo taking!  ):  the food was decent but unless you eat alot (it’s a buffet dinner thing) it’s not really worth the money IMO.

self-timer craziness. only about half the class attended the gathering but it was a good catch up session :)))

the girlies  :))

TCC for after dinner chit-chat and dessert/drinks, i adore TCC but they dont have my favourite warm bread pudding with vanilla ice cream anymore???  :((


got this apple crumble ice cream thingy instead, but i still like my bread pudding most…



PS. happy birthday Farah!  :))))) much lovessss. i will bake an awesomely delish oreo cheesecake for you. 

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