it's payday today!

YZ and i hailed down a cab, in amazement

spot if you can, the various doraemon decorations/figurines/objects.

assortment of doraemon toys and figurines

the windshield stickers are doraemon as well

another doraemon display at the back of the cab,
with a doraemon tissuebox cover taking centre stage and the rest being nodding doraemons in all forms

the gear stick isnt doraemon, but some cute bull with a ring in its nose. doraemons on the mirror, hanging from it and all about it

doraemon on steering wheel, doraemon on elbow rest, doraemon covers on seats! even the pens are not spared. lol the cab uncle said he has 3 doraemon tshirts as well that he wears to go along with his car deco.

cool or what. next time i’m gonna turn my (imaginary future) car into hello kitty paradise, or something. poor YZ will have to sit in it!

what i wore sunday

navy chiffon toga from
nude clutch from
nude wedges from heatwave

just a random dinner outside.
only found out bishan partyworld closed down when we reached its doorstep and travelled over to AMK to check out kbox prices which is so blardi expensive now, even on sunday nights it’s $26.50 nett, (stated as $18+++). pffttt.
contented our disappointed selves with KOI and back home.


what i wore tues

shirt dress in rum from hervelvetvase
bronze studded bandage skirt from
nude shoes from charles&keith

hmm still not quite sure how to pair this skirt with tops but i’m trying! good change in my wardrobe though.


and cutest dog in the world scratching her itchy self

she’s such a silly.


it’s pay day today and i couldnt be any happier to see money in my bank account (tonight, that is….)
survived on my 16-day sandwich fest! granted, i didn’t have them everyday but enough to make me feel deprived of good lunches…

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