happy halloween!!!

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and all the excited replies HAHA

SO… here i present to you! :>

teehee. i passed by some guy who was holding on to this huge prada shopping bag and immediately said to bf “OMG HOW COME HIS BAG BIGGER THAN MINE :<" but of course just joking laaa got my puny little shopping bag very happy already! :)))))
aaand…. unveiling what’s inside

my superbly awesome new wallet :> courtesy of YZ! actually we paid half each. but if he hadn’t offered to pay his half i wouldn’t have considered getting it because, really heart pain la ): actually some of the girls know i’ve been whining about wanting to get my chanel classic flap!!! but it’s like 3-4k? and that’s an amount i cannot bear to spend on just a bag. i know, it’s not just any bag, it’s THE chanel classic flap, but, it’s still JUST A BAG! horrors. 

so i think my poor repressed soul has been itching to spend some of that 4k that i didn’t spend on my Chanel, (next year, next year!) and when we walked into Prada, i saw this and just kind of fell in love with it! it wasnt really a very impulse buy,  because we were looking at it at Paragon, then we went out without getting it! but couldnt get it out of my mind over dinner and in the end got it from ION!

with flash

such a beauty isnt it? i swear the color is even more lovely in real life, it’s a shade of grey that looks purpley/beigey depending on the lighting and it’s GORGEOUS. YZ felt that the black one looks too mature even though black is the classic Prada colour. but anyway we both LOVE this color and design! the ruched details are just lovely. and the lambskin leather is sooo luxurious to the touch <3 <3 <3 it's the first long wallet i've owned and i hope i fall in love with it even more, the more i use it!  teehee some ppl must be rolling their eyes at about how much im swooning over just a little wallet but THIS IS MY FIRST SELF BOUGHT (half of it anyway) LUXURY ITEM. and i’m really excited about it!! materalistic much? :> i admit that, i am.

thanks to it though i probably have to eat grass til my next pay cheque ): hopefully some freelance money comes in soon to tide me over, because i am left with like a couple hundred for the next two weeks! price to pay for my darling beauty. YZ says i can take out my wallet to smell when i have no money to eat -.-

so, this was definitely the highlight of my weekend. hahahahaa. but here are more pictures from my weekend happenings 🙂 very non-halloweenish, but i’ve never been much for celebrating all these stuff nor for clubbing. 


what i wore on Sunday, 

crisscross tube dress from !
this is self manufactured by them and absolutely pretty, no BO somemore so it’s exclusive!
heehee. my aunt asked me why i always like to dress up like i’m going for some wedding dinner. ok what!! ): 


we went to Paragon! and Ben Sherman is having reaaaally cheap sales omg! only on selected items though, but we managed to get two shirts and a jeans for YZ which is uber uber rare because he’s got mega huge thighs and can only wear baggy jeans most of the time! and it was like super cheap pls, less than $150 for three items? original price should have been close to $400! 

the jeans need to be altered though, but it’s a pretty good fit! ooohhh and we couldnt resist the aroma from famous amos. hehe am munching on them cookies now as i type :)))

trawled around paragon, wisma and ion, YZ got his ben sherman stuff and i got stuff from la senza as well cos i wanted to spend my vouchers before they expired! 


and marmalade pantry at ION for dinner :))

the sugar bowl is so cute!


please do yourself a favour and order the crab linguine and steak sandwich if you dine there. 

the pantry house (i think thats what it’s called) is good too,


and the sticky date with toffee pudding, it’s almost the best dessert i’ve ever tasted in my lifeeee.


and some shots from Saturday’s concert performance

thick red lipstick! @_@



my eyes are half-open -.-

was wearing my green lace print top from pandaswithpistols, it’s such a unique color and i love it!

and when i got back home, YZ did up instant noodles in the style of ba chor mee for me <3 

super yummy please.


and this week’s

1. green lace print top from PWP as seen above :)))
2. white chiffon top from 


 which is so princessy and sweet <3
gonna have some work coming in again this week so it’s busy time! and i just calculated, the work i’ll be doing for this week is just about enough to cover my share of the prada wallet… -.- will update again when i’m free!

have a good Monday y’all!

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