from the proverbial rags to riches

so anyway all along i thought that my freelance work was being quoted to me in SGD but found out today that i was getting paid in USD not SGD and i am MAD happy about this discovery!!!!! 1.4x richer than i thought i’d be, which means i don’t feel so guilty about spending exactly $293.66 this afternoon. the money aint coming in til next week though but just the thought of it is enough to make me feel like i’ve struck a small windfall. heheheheh. i promise not to whine about freelance work and late nights anymore, i suddenly appreciate all this extra money so much now! hope my parcel gets shipped to me soon and i promise i’ll definitely post pictures of my new baby (or babies) once i get em!

i dont even have to feel guilty and eat sandwiches for the month of december too because i can actually afford to eat lunches now! i know, i sound so pathetic right. well depriving myself of lunch money and having packed sandwiches kind of eases my guilt at spending so much unnecessary money on “wants”. but since tis the season to be jolly and all, gonna let myself indulge in simple pleasures like spending money without guilt and being happy about it 🙂 after all, i’m in the prime of youth and i can still doll myself up and look nice and pretty, in 20 or even 10 years time i wont even have this luxury of youth anymore.. 🙁

randomly, i just want to say i hate my crappy cheap pink IKEA chair, my butt hurts after sitting on it 🙁

shoulder-padded dress in black and ms-selfridge inspired bustier in fuschia, both from


many nights ago i was sitting outside my front door, next to where Actie’s doggy enclosure used to be, sulking and in tears and feeling sorry for myself, at that moment i missed Actie so much because i didnt have a fat warm furry bundle sitting in my lap to offer me the amicable presence of her comfort, and i felt so so alone and even more sorry for my poor sad self 🙁

still loving and missing you darling.


and i’m getting sick of my hair again. but i think the straight fringe just instantly lowers my IQ and makes me look stupider.. maybe i’ll just dye my hair back to black and soft straighten it. it’s getting long and thick and utterly messy. long = good, but messy = no good.

a couple of what i wores:

lace-up silk frock in midnight blue,
leather sling bag, zara

grey batwing tunic, hypnosis
ruched S&B leggings,
vintage necklace,

pink chiffon top & ruched S&B leggings,
vintage necklace,


uhhh i made another cheesecake again and this time it bombed, the boy asked me to add more sugar and bake it a lil shorter cos the last one wasnt sweet enough and was on the hard side, and now it’s too sweet and underbaked 🙁 need to figure out how to save it later. ooh and i am on a mad buying spree! payday-induced insanity. have just paid for the shoulder-padded dress in red, duo-tone dress in red/black, (a few days ago) HVV bal-inspired bag, abstract chiffon pastel frock, galznextdoor chunky heels, rach’s nude eyelet frock, cream floral tube dress and idk what else. i figure i can always sell them off if they dont fit/look bad. madness. i’m so well stocked up for CNY now i think i have about 5 to 6 different dresses to choose from. and CNY is still months away, godknows what other red/bright colored dresses i’ll be adding to my collection til then -_- never knew i had it in me to be such a shopaholic. this is proof that the genes dont skip a generation. i guess there’s always christmas.

happy weekend y’all!

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