e-bay is full of effing e-diots

seriously, i am SO mad pissed off with ebay sellers i want to scream. the other item i bidded on and won a week ago, i messaged the seller to ask if he could priority ship the item to my friend who returned to SG from USA last wednesday, and this seller never replied me. and NOW he messages me asking when i am intending to pay and if he doesnt hear from me today he will report me to ebay. and of course my friend is no longer in USA already so i have to find someone else to ship to because the item can only be shipped within the States. like HELLO! i messaged him and he didnt reply me!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need some pissed off emoticon to use to express my current agitated and pissed-off mood.

Garfi-I Said “NO!!!”, originally uploaded by E.L.A.

this photo is a pretty good representation of my inner monster roaring in fury right now.

and of course dear dawn chan (the other ebay seller) hasnt replied me in like two days. have just sent her another email informing her that i am about to report her to ebay if she does not reply in another 24 hours. what’s up with ebay and idiots. oh wait, they both start with the phonetic “E”.


ok, done with the daily rant. ebay has unleashed the bitch-from-hell in me, and the ruffled feathers are showing up here, pardon.

but moving on to happier things, (again), i finally managed to satiate my craving for swedish meatballs at IKEA today, amidst throngs of families with their kids doing their furniture shopping. i think i picked a bad day to go there but then again it’s probably that crowded on weekends anyway.


chiffon V back dress,
necklace, sputnikmuffin
clutch/purse, charles&keith

here’s an idea of the crowd.

“baby, help me take pictures please!”

“ok you can stop taking my pictures already everyone’s staring!”

took us ages to find a table (then we had to find chairs) but we were two happy (sitting) ducks eventually.

and we ate aloooooot. 15 meatballs, 1 fish fillet & 6 wings between the two of us, including all the potatoey and coleslaw sides. speaking of which, i seriously, seriously need to diet. was trying on the nude eyelet frock just now and the skirt seemed to have a defect behind so i asked Gina to snap a picture of me in it from the back and OMG. i am not kidding when i say that i looked freaking ginormously fat in the shot 🙁 you can blame it on the angles and bad bra (fats showing and all) or whatever, but something has to be there already for it to photograph out right? hai. and CNY is just about two months away! noooooo. i think i shall go jogging/swimming over the weekend.

my lovely, lovely, juicy tender meatballs.

hai i think we were too greedy. so super bloated and full TTM after the meal. but everything tasted soo good. my after-dinner tummy looked about 6 months preggy, was proudly showing off my baby bump to YZ….

and camwhoring while waiting for the call cab to make up for all the make up-less pictures (pun unintended) i have really bad eye bags/ dark circles! 🙁


and just because this is my narcisstic blog,

more pictures of myself!!! 😀 😀 😀 my fringe is totally getting into the way of my left eye. cannot stand it, need a hair cut soonish. and i tried to draw my eyebrows back but i just look very fierce now. (not ANTM kind of fierce, but y’know, FIERCE….)


i actually made more lava cake today and took some making-of pictures already. will post up the recipe next entry for those who’re keen! dont worry, it’s mad easy to do!! tastes so good too.


and i am totally stressing out over my choir concert ticket sales now. i need to sell TWENTY!!!!!! tickets and my only confirmed ticket order now is (guess who?) the one and only BF.

please please people, i implore you all to come and attend my lovely wonderful fantabulous concert on the 13 Dec!!! plus guess what, i’m having my very first THREE LINE SOLO OMG in one of the pieces!!!! woooooo exciting. come and watch please. i promise you will be BLOWN AWAY!! i am selling discounted tickets for $25 from the original price of $30! T-T please come if you love me. i bribe u all with chocolate lava cakes. okay? OKAYY???

it’s not going to be some boring dry fall-asleep choir concert because we’re doing EXCITING pieces! a light mass accompanied by four wonderful jazz musicians (i love it!!!!) and many beautiful pieces in Lithuanian language. we even have a special guest conductor Vytautas Miškinis all the way from Lithunia! it will be an AMAZING concert!!! can’t wait cant wait!

PLEASE!! contact me for ticket orders!!! yinagoh@gmail.com

oooh and i just have to share this particular video with y’all,

cos you know why. every time i appear in the video, I AM IN BC CLOTHES OMG. scary right. spot me!

if you’d like to find out more about SYC, or our concert, check out our blog!!! http://syces.wordpress.com/

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