dinner date sunday

the boy made dinner on Sunday for us and the rest of my family ♥
was intending to dress up nice nice and go to town for dinner, but since YZ had already brought back all the various ingredients, scrapped dinner plans and stayed home to make dinner!

did i mention that we were planning to cook for lunch initially? but by the time we were done cooking/trying to cook, it was dinner time already hahahahahaha.

dinner menu: deep fried minced meatballs, omelette with onions, vegetables with shredded pork, pork with corn soup!

chef of the day and his proud creations 😀 soup not pictured above. pardon my makeup-less face :/

lol i helped to shape the meatballs & sample the food. disaster in the kitchen, we made a huge mess.
but dinner was gooood, food made with love always tastes delicious 🙂
thank you baby, you’re the best 🙂

more more more shopping, i think i am expecting like 6-7 items to arrive in the mail this week. going mad!!! and the telegraphic transfer of my freelance pay will only go though by like wednesday or thursday haha so i am mad broke until then. bought 4 more items from HVV & BC today 🙁

collected this on Sunday:

chunky black heels from ,
omg i am incredibly amazed by its comfort level, 9.5cm tall and i can actually walk in them! i normally collapse and die in heels taller than 6 or 7cm.
love them! plus they make my legs go on and on!!! too bad though, i can’t wear them on dates with YZ cos the extra 9.5cm would make me taller than him :/

and two more dresses from ,
nude eyelet frock which is super flirty & cute, plus grecian toga which is actually Gina’s but i tried it on 😛


last but not least, i bullied QQ by putting her into a paper shopping bag. and she just stayed put too -.-

so cute right. i’ve only realised how much lankier she’s grown after looking at her baby pictures.
she’s still tiny but with much longer legs now.

dont be deceived by her pint size and innocent face though. freaking mischievous little pixie.

monday and another long week ahead! oohh and my USPS parcel is on its way! excitingness.

Label/Receipt Number: EC70 1317 726U S
Class: Express Mail International®
Status: International Dispatch

Your item left the United States from ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) at 8:24 AM on November 21, 2009. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

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