christmas come early

yesterday, i got home and saw four parcels for me.
three containing my new dresses, and the last one parcel, shipped via USPS from the US of A!!! omgbbq!!!

it came in like, 4 days! mad fast!

ripped the parcel apart in a hurry, to unveil my self-bought christmas present (HAHA.)

my pretty pretty Kate Spade! <3

but guess what. there’s a huge scratch on the front wtf ): and it’s freaking obvious cos of the patent leather!
hai. but its sooooo gorgeoussss whyyyyyyyyy!

gorgeous or not you tell me?? was planning to carry this for CNY… (all decked out in red…)

anyways. emailed the seller already. hopefully i can get an exchange. best case scenario. worse case scenario, have to take it as it is if no exchange/refund/discount is offered. my first purchase off ebay and it had to come like this ): want to cry ):


the other 3 parcels, dresses from Viola’s BO and off some lovely cotters! all from

1. duo tone silk dress in red/black, doesnt fit me as well as i hoped it would 🙁 will be selling this off. any takers? i bought it in black/whitecombi too, itchy fingers -_- probably will be putting both colors up for sale!
2. shoulder-padded dress in red, very yummy shade of red! now cannot decide to keep black/red or both.

3. guess-inspired denim frock, omg i loooove this. so so pretty and flattering. well made too! <3 the denim material is thick and good, and the white lines at the sides streamlines the figure nicely!

and WIWs yesterday/today

chic jumper in black,
inner tank top, topshop
nude clutch,

printed floral top, outfittergirls
black denim shorts, my mom’s wardrobe
black studded jacket, taiwan
bag, HURS


good/bad news: my freelance money is here. gloriously 1XXX amount and i feel so saintly for depositing 70% of it into my savings account instead of going crazy shopping (oops i think i already did that the past few days) or buying my chanel 2.55 >_> speaking of which i saw a second-hand one selling on ebay for like 1.7K SGD which isn’t a bad price at all and it’s in pretty good condition! temptations temptations. but am too sad over the KS bag now to get another one just yet.

anyway that was the good news, bad news is that i may be jobless come 2010 and judging by my current job prospects, the situation seems pretty bleak 🙁 doubt i can get a higher paying job with my current skills set and my other option is to turn full-time freelance but having discussed it with my art director it seems that it MAY work out, provided he gets enough projects to hand over to me so please keep your fingers crossed for me. God i dont ask for much i just want to be happily married (in future that is) and provided for… dont need big house big car or anything. got money for me to go shopping online good enough. TYVM.


and a snippet of blonde conversation

we are so fickled minded
but the color keep on fading
the other time i dyed that nice reddish brown
now fade already

::: Agnes 。◕‿◕。 :::

yaaa and hair also get split ends after so many dyes -.-


::: Agnes 。◕‿◕。 :::
what to dooooo
once u start dying

eh how to spell


::: Agnes 。◕‿◕。 :::


::: Agnes 。◕‿◕。 :::


::: Agnes 。◕‿◕。 :::
dying -.-…

i must put this on my blog

::: Agnes 。◕‿◕。 :::

how many times can u die

::: Agnes 。◕‿◕。 :::


but i really wanna go do my hair, darker or lighter… votes?

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