because i am an amazing culinary genius

one kilo block of cream cheese.
a million and one oreos.

oreo cheezecake!
lovingly made by me and assisted by the boy (he helped me chop the oreos! muscle power i call it)

imagine how many calories is one kg of cream cheese hmm. actually i dont want to know.

after one hour in my puny oven, and one night in the refrigerator…


and the occasion it graced, birthday dinner for Farah (:

(because my face looked funny -_-)
purple chiffon dress from
clutch from bonia
$10 cream heels from vana (becoming my favourite now but they dont seem too sturdy after a few wears T-T)

i got the birthday girl a copy of Maru’s photobook, this awesomely fat furry japanese scottish fold kitty everyone adores on youtube

watch it because he’s so awesome.

it comes with postcards and a DVD!

other attendees

Su’s all happy to show off her tee

and the food!

our starters: calamari, triple mushroom bruschetta

and too many main courses. all good.

cajun chicken, some smoked salmon tagliatelle

baked fish pie

some sausage spaghetti thing, ribeye steak

my portebello cheese burger deserves more pictures.

i donated the top half of my bun to Su and still couldnt clear the fries. but second stomach is for dessert!

finished with the food. barely survived.

and the star of the day!, (both the cake and the person)

teehee i even used chocolate to pipe out words, so proud of myself 😀

happily admiring my cake while birthday girl is gleeful about being able to bring home rest of cake after meal.

chock full of oreos! the recipe called for 14 oreos. i used about 40 i’m sure. but it was gooooood.

and last but not least,

group shot of the night :))) hopefully the birthday girl had a blast! happy 23 😀 wiser, thinner, happier!!!

what came for me in the mail this week,

apple green casual frock and bronze studded skirt from
love the green shade but the straps are huge on my narrow shoulders 🙁 and what to pair the skirt with hmmm

purple chiffon babydoll from HVV, floral corset dress from
love both, gonna save them for next CNY or something… 😀

HJ and i just ordered from KS online, i guess it’s gonna be sandwiches for the next month…..

but real sad cos the bag we both wanted was OOS like in hours. bahhh 🙁
suddenly i think this looks good too, should i?

and Farah got me this necklace i was eyeing the last we were at F21 :)))

love the goldfish pendant!

ughh 7.30am now.
going back to bed, toodles!


just took a couple pictures of the fat chihuahua camouflaging with the furniture and i thought she’s damn adorable 😀

her doggy clothes is the exact same color as the cushion lol

adorable, no?

and last but not least,


style: 41992
Colour : Silver / Black

* Open inside pocket
* Zip-top closure
* Op art sateen print fabric with lightweight leather trim
* Fabric lining
* 45″ adjustable strap
* 23″ drop
* 9 1/4 (L) x 9 (1/4) (H)

Retail Price: $406 Selling Price: $300

email me at yinagoh(at) if interested!

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