i finally had lunch together with dear HJ aka in school yesterday! this funny girl.. we’ve been talking for ages about meeting up for food, but she and steph are always sooooo busy we havent even got the chance to yet! did you read this, steph? 3 of us must go out together soonish!!

we were so busy talking and gossiping and eating and laughing that we didnt take pictures!! all i have are these two blurred shots haha.

if you noticed from the picture, i’m wearing the very lovely chiffon V-back dress from


that HJ passed to me and made me try on immediately! funny girl. but the dress is kind of tight for me at the bust too! 🙁 it’s such a pretty dress so i’m definitely still going to wear it except maybe with a nubra so that i have more space to breathe in the dress haha. and funny HJ just kept on going like “oh i am SO happy this dress found such a good owner! yay!”

have a fantastic time in BKK okay!! and shop more!! and eat more!!! hugs!!


chiffon V-back dress from


<3 thank you again dearie!
two items from , a simple grecian looking tube dress and kimono throwover that i heart!

and i bought this pair of nude heels from heatwave for about $36 dollars after discount, it’s a perfect shade of nude and very comfy too! not sky high heels that i cant walk in! 


been binging like mad this whole week on junk food and bad carbs, i feel so guilty! 🙁
need to go back to a healthier diet! 🙁 am seriously getting fatter.
and lipo is so expensive i can’t really justify getting it done even though i totally would for the results! 

and i’m really happy that my first freelance pay cheque is in! next one will be in next week which means i can go mad online shopping heh! not planning to spend all of it of course. a girl needs to have some savings too! 🙂

so now back to work to earn more money! jiayousssss!!!


EDIT: i saw ‘s blog entry with some old photos of her and i decided to dig through my old photobucket accounts too to see if i had any old photos, and omg i have a ton of them!!! omg omg.

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