a senseless 5am post, just because

happy deepavali!
wonderful is the weekend that is long and i dont have to rush any work :)))))

well, just random pictures 🙂

spotted this pretty butterfly fluttering about outside my front gate this morning on my way to work (:

and yaknow, recently my dad’s been making headlines because of all the news about the wet markets being acquired by SS (my dad’s affected) and he’s simply been like a one-man show trying to get media attention to the issue and getting petitions signed and statements made to the press and yadayada

that’s him on channel U news.

well he’s persistent if not anything else.. though seems like it is coming to naught because it appears that SS will be taking over anyway, kind of worried because my future luxurious (and imagined) life as a tai-tai hangs on the future of his business,

but meanwhile i guess i’ll just put all those thoughts aside and still continue to slave for every hard-earned dollar of mine that i splurge so unconcernedly on deadly online shopping, it’s probably my number 1 sin as of now ): i don’t even dare to account for my expenditure anymore. i just make sure i earn enough extra money to cover my spending and more to save.


paris-hilton inspired dress from


that’s waaay tight on me at the boobs and i have to resort to nubra to rescue me ): but the dress is really pretty! bah. put it up for sale already but i still love it. wish it fit better!

you can check out the rest of my selling post here

and i have an 8-hour rehearsal tomorrow! so back to bed i go.
have a happy deepavali weekend, everyone!


ps. i’ve been stuck in this dilemma for the longest time! BB/Iphone?
imo, BB because of the keypad, and Iphone because of the mp3 function.
give me your opinions please!


i lie awake in bed sometimes and i wonder.
imagine myself so different that it feels a lifetime away.
rework my life around me from moments of what-could-have-been,
paint pretty pictures in my head.

remember 6am strolls as the skies turned light
or midnight whispers and the sound of your laugh through a phone receiver
silent conversations of secretly smiling to ourselves,
as we wait for words to appear on a computer screen,

i still love what i have now,
but it doesnt mean that i dont love what i never had (:


got a $2 headband from Daiso today 🙂 aaand i lost my voice after rehearsal from 10am to 5pm ): hope it recovers soon cos i wanna kay teee veeeeee.

he left me today in the throngs of people
i was suffocated by the crowd and yet i was all alone

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