YZ caught me a Stitch for $6 (: i love Stitch! so adorable right. the floral ears/bowtie are just too cute!


what i got this week! been mad shopping. retail therapy.

1. navy chiffon toga dress from 


that i love! the material/cut is awesome. 
2. pinstriped blazer from dear-lulu! more suitable for girls with small shoulders (like me!) hehehe

3. flora embossed dress from 


love the cutting, it’s really fab! and the material is awesome as well. glad i got it in white instead of black in the end! yay!! thanks rach!!!


random KTV videos HAHA i miss ktv!

i havent been to KTV in months and months i tell you. where’s my KTV kakis!


anyway i havent finished my work. and i woke up at 5am and it’s 6am now and i still havent painted a single stroke. FML. 

and also i’ve decided not to sign up with any slimming centres at the moment, reason being i can’t bear to spend that huge amount of money on it -_- hahahaha. yay me!!!! shall take up jogging again soonish. though i seriously think exercise is a form of torture. but for the sake of wanting to look good…….

i feel like staying home today to finish my work 🙁 damn slack pls. plus i have rehearsal tonight. tiring 🙁


am selling my smooch apple green dress at $26! any takers?

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