omg a video!

hellos! i suddenly had an urge to play the guitar!!! so i recorded this song!!!

it’s my first time recording myself singing and playing guitar at the same time,
i know it’s not very good, cos my guitar skills are mediocre and i havent touched the guitar in years, and also the song is really nice and i didnt do a very good rendition of it (i think i got part of the melody wrong too cos i’ve only sang this song for the 1st time during KTV last night HAHA) plus i kind of lost my voice after singing so much this weekend but but yea i just thought i’d put it up anyway!

maybe after i get more practice in future it’ll be better! oh and i sang part of the lyrics wrongly. and the tempo sucks. hahaha. i was staring hard at the lyrics and chords on my computer screen so pardon me.

omg and i just realised that it’s like a quarter tone lower than the original song because the guitar is tuned too low -_- 

been thinking of joining impresario 2010 again (a singing comp i joined earlier this year and dropped out after making it into the top12 cos the semi-finals fell on a date when i was overseas) but i think my stage fright will get the better of me and i’ll do badly ):


came home just now to see my parcel from 

white woven tank top and purple chiffon dress! absolutely love the dress cos it’s super flattering (: heehee it makes my boobies bigger and waist smaller 😛 the tank top is super comfy as well, i love the knit material! i think i look fat in it though.

whoo. still have about 4/5 more parcels to come this week lol. i’m clearing out some brand new clothing that i havent worn at the same time! so i dont feel so guilty. hahaha. here

but i seriously need to go on a food ban. no more KOI, no more potato chips, no more biscuits, no more oily/fried stuff and no more sugar! and hopefully incorporate some exercise into my schedule omg. i spent the better half of an hour changing in and out of clothing today because i felt so fat in them ): 

can all my twit friends check on me daily so that i dont fall into sin!!!!

i like this picture cos my arm doesnt look fat. wheeeeee.

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