just a short post..

..before i carry on blogging about the Japan trip! cos i woke up at 5ish and decided not to get back to sleep seeing that i need to get out of the house at 8am for some workshop in school later  ): 

met up with one of my favourite persons for her belated birthday dinner! we went to shin kuishiya at vivo,

been to the branch at suntec previously and their charcoal grill stuff is really yummy! less carbs = good.

before-food shots

and her with her obligatory look-happy-with-present shot

and yes i gave it to her instead of keeping it for myself lol
she said “wow the box is nice!”… me, “-_- i hope you dont like the box more than the present…. “

we were mad hungry, so we started ordering!
had a variety of charcoal grill skewered stuff (their specialty) to start off with

mmmmm foie gras! melt-in-the-mouth but was dripping with oil and fat. still good!

random assorted skewers, we had beefballs, salmon, chicken, pork wrapped asparagus/enoki mushrooms, shitake mushrooms, button mushrooms…..

they were good!

and i was utterly fascinated with the shishamo (pregnant fish)…

… that’s a whole lot of fish babies to be eating in one go @_@

some unagi maki that you can’t really taste the unagi in, but had pretty pink colored sugar on top.. 

and moving on to dessert!
warabi mochi with matcha ice cream, and earl grey creme jelly.

verdict, stick to the ice cream with mochi. the earl grey jelly sounded better than it tasted.

anyways i was wearing my lace dress from size7 which is super flattering and pretty but just really short >_>
had on safety shorts underneath though!

somehow we had very good wardrobe coordination today, i was in black lace, and she in white lace

you can’t really see from the picture but OMGS i love her bag >_> it’s a vintage chanel (authenticity uncertain but looks pretty authentic to us) she managed to dig out from some shop in tokyo for only 60 bucks wtf how come i never found any good deals like that!!!! jealous much?

ok you can see the bag better in this shot lol.


toilet pictures!


then we went shopping. and i bought this kinda cool nude double layered tank top with lace inside which i might never wear in my entire life but someone was insisting on how i should venture out into the unknown after i was moaning about my fashion sense (or lackthereof) 


after only after really shopping at one shop the whole place started closing down alreadyyyyyy :((( all because i got sprited away by the enthusiastic person who was selling hair tongs and he spent like 15 mins curling my hair for me. didnt buy the curling tongs though!

but it looked kinda nice after a couple hours when the curls had relaxed!

…what do you think? (i know my pjs are hideous)


what came in the mail for me this week so far ( there’s lots more and i am utterly guilty of spending like mad)

two pretty dresses from , the first one is a self manufactured piece and i love the pink/dark grey combi, uber sweet!
second one is so girly flirty, the chiffon material feels really good 🙂 i think i need to stop getting dressy dressy stuff though. so uninteresting! ):

colorblock satin bustier dress from ,
i love the color blocks and the design, but then again it doesnt look “wow” on me i think 🙁
letting it go! anyone interested? drop me a mail at yinagoh(at)gmail.com!

and it’s just about time for me to take a shower and drag my butt to work 🙁 ughhhhh.

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