was a very enjoyable movie! 🙂 heartwarming and funny,
loved meryl streep’s role as julia child and all the food just had me drooling.
it’s based on a blog turned book too!


am already wearing out the grecian top from and i really loooove the bright color and flattering cut. 

YZ & I (: 

my masterpiece of a hotdog lol..

and i bought this necklace supposedly for a friend,
but now i’m wondering if i should get her a different present or get another one for myself.. 😛

cos i like it!!!


on another note, check out SYC’s first ever vodcast! there’s me in it and i helped to film too hehe, can’t wait for the end of year concert on the Dec 13 cos it’s gonna be great! the repertoire is gonna be amazing along with four fantastic jazz musicians to accompany us and a guest conductor from lithuania! :))))) am gonna be selling discounted tickets too so if any one is keen drop me a mail okay, i promise the concert will be AWESOME! plus of course i’m singing in it 🙂


okie, heading to bed now! driving lesson again tomorrow after a 3 week hiatus, i am soooo gonna like mount kerb/ forget how to parallel park and all sorts of other nonsense 🙁 8.15am lesson again! zzzzz

ps. am in the midst of uploading japan pictures, wil be up real soon :)))
pps. uhhh i bought a cheap capo for the guitar for only $12 i think and it’s so troublesome, i should have spent $37 on the good kiap kiap kind… -.- i am so miserly!
ppps. mummy lost $200 at MJ today wtf that’s the amt i gave her this month! T-T dunno why she still wants to play MJ when she never wins.

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