JAPAN!! part1

yay! finally uploaded all 180 japan photos!! while the BF is glued to the liverpool VS manU match on TV i shall do up my japan trip post! :)))

my week-long trip to Japan was early this year in January,
it wasnt really a leisure trip, the main agenda was performing for the THREE concert in Tokyo, a joint collaboration among three choirs from three different countries, Singapore, the Philippines and Japan! :))) but of course we took time off for leisurely endeavours and sight-seeing after the performance!

super super excited because i havent been to Japan in 11 years and how cool is performing in Japan!!!! plus it was winter time in Japan and i love love love winter :)) the blustery cold just feels so surreal and dream-like to me who’s only been living in the hot humid tropics for my whole life!

took an overnight flight on everyone’s favourite SIA,
all decked out in my long sleeved dress and leggings and boots and scarf already. uhhh no makeup on because it’s not good for the skin.
lol and in-flight entertainment, beverlyhills chihuahuas! stupid show but pretty funny.
i wonder why onboard meals are always so sodium-laden! but anything tastes good on a long flight.

we’re in the air and the weather was soo cold frost is gathering on the windows! can you see those little specks of things on the window? ๐Ÿ™‚

and when we reached Narita Airport, the temperature was like really low! like 6 or 7 degrees cos it was early morning?

touched-down on Japanese ground at Narita Airport! excited TTM! early morning sunrise never looked so promising :)))

we trundled out into the cold Narita air and bundled ourselves into the bus that’d take us to our living grounds for the next few days ๐Ÿ™‚
travelling into the city, first few views of the Japan cityscape!

on the highway heading towards shibuya, tokyo ๐Ÿ™‚

i was super amused by this road accident sign! hahaha it’s actually drawn in perspective if u know what i mean, normally our boring singapore road signs are all in flat 2d graphics…

where we stayed for the first 4 days, the National Olympics Memorial Youth Centre!

my tiny tiny little room and the lovely view of the grounds

spent the first afternoon in Tokyo in rehearsal sessions, and we were free to go roam about for dinner at night, so me and some girls went down to Shinjuku! to the train station we go!

seeing all those overhead wires just excite me hahaa because you see them so often in like Japanese manga/anime/artwork/shows! so typically Japan! i feel like some otaku wanabe now.

the ticketing systems are so cute ๐Ÿ™‚ though most of the locals use the Suica card which is like our EZ-link…

at Shinjuku station, which is like one of the mostest complicated stations in the JR-line, there are sooo many interchanges and exits it’s a wonder we didnt get lost! check out the chic japanese girl in the background in that checkered coat and white boots!

i swear everyone on the streets are so well-dressed including the men.

pachinko, the nation-wide obsession… though i dont quite understand the fascination with all those little metal balls, it’s something like jackpot?

and we ended up inside one of those ramen joints where you put money into a vending machine and a ticket comes out, which you then hand over to the staff and then sit down and wait for your food! it’s relatively easy to order because the vending machines normally come with pictures and most of these places even have displays outside the store with replicas of the dishes for you to see! the food in these places are normally decent priced, like around 500-700 yen depending on what you order ๐Ÿ™‚


golden brown cripsy gyoza…. @_@

and some more random pictures of the night,

McDs in Japan has all kinds of interesting burgers like McPork and McSalmon!

posing with a row of gashapon machines! it was freezing outside on the streets!

a stretch of pretty light displays :)))

inside the Adidas shop at Shinjuku, the photoframes behind me are positioned into an Adidas logo shape!
and on the way back to hostel, we have to go across a train crossing to get back.

BF is ecstatic over Liverpool winning the match, he shouted into my ear and nearly gave me a heart-attack -_- ah well, better overexcited and hyperactive than grumpy and whiny! and it’s bed time now so i guess this will be it for part 1! still a ton of pictures! not to mention korea and macau. i ought to blog about them all before the end of this year just for me to remember them by! hope it wont be too boring for you all. i’m seriously not a very interesting blogger at all ๐Ÿ™ and i think my pictures dont do the experience any justice at all! grrr.

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