i think i look good in blue

dont you agree? i must say blue is SUCH a slimming colour. my face looks freaking sharp!

my face’s been erupting in tiny little pimples all over the forehead lately so here’s a deep cleansing/ firming clay mask from st. ives. hopefully it helps though i dont think i’ll be getting much sleep tonight so that defeats the whole purpose. but i still need to complete 2 more comic pages in time for submission tomorrow! will motivate self by thinking about the money… $_$ but at the rate i’m spending i doubt i’m even earning enough to break even with all the shopping ): 

and i’ve been on my so-called diet for a few days now. my diet basically means i have fish soup and fruits for lunch and then succumb to temptations like chocolate and yami yogurt with honey oat almond cereal during the evening -.-|| not a very effective diet, i know 🙁 i’m trying!


what came in the mail this week:

two items from  


!! lace up silk/chiffon dress from Vel’s collection and satin corset tube from Viola’s (: i love how flattering the dress is! loves. i can’t believe i actually bought 4 items from the same collection and only 1 fits well 🙁 

alexander wang tube dress from 


SO pretty but it took me like half an hour to just squeeze into the dress and zip it! *sigh* and this dress is in size S which is supposed to fit UK8-10 so that means i’m not UK8-10 anymore?? now you know why i need to diet 🙁 woe is me.

and my lovely vintage necklace from 


handmade with love and it’s so pretty! 🙂 i love the victorian border hee. thanks jaz, can’t wait to wear it out!


it’s almost ten and i havent started on my work AT ALL!!!! kthxbai!

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