JAPAN post coming soon! 😀 😀

just one picture to whet your appetite first hahaha. ecstatic in japan!!


been busy having rehearsals in preparation for SCO’s concert! ): so nothing much for me to blog about except that when i have no freelance to do i end up shopping online instead and spending more money -_-

and all of these are from 

1. matte satin toga! i’m too fat for it wtf. nvm i will resolve to jian fei and this shall be my thinspiration. have a wedding dinner in a month to attend!
2. black embroidered dress, love it 😀 but it’s so short need to wear with shorts/leggings!

3. classic LBD! totally slimming! <3 short too -_- i'm not that tall, dont know why some dresses are short on me! -.-
4. grecian top in fuschia, loveee the color madly 😀

and i am sooo tempted to join the backorder for the Guess-inspired Denim Frock… -_- should i or notttt.


i know everyone loves and misses QQ, but i think Baby over here is pretty cute too!


me thinks she looks like a pig-nosed, bat-eared, cow-spotted chihuahua 🙂

will be back to update this space again!!

EDIT: anyway congratulationsssssss to BC for winning the best blogshop award! though there was no competition at all, really! yay!! can’t wait to get more gorgeous clothes from you girls!!! <3 <3 <3

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