so anyway. this was on my twitter earlier this morning:

and yea, that about sums up my saturday.  *sigh*  was initially just going to try the $59 trial but ended up doing one full treatment session for another $180 on my outer thighs, and there was actually a difference in measurement before and after the treatment! from 57cm to 55.5cm. and i could actually feel the difference too because the physio-therapist (only certified physio-therapists are allowed to handle the machines!) did it on one side first and it definitely felt flatter and not so round at the bulge!

i’m actually really considering signing up the package of 6 sessions which cost about 1k to spot treat my love handles (at the hips) because it really depresses me whenever i try on my new clothes and they’re totally unflattering on me due to those unsightly bulges ): and exercise/diet can’t do much to help lose these fats cos they’re my “stubborn” fats and simply refuse to go away ): worst part is that my hips are already wide enough as they are, the hip bones i mean and having love handles there only emphasizes it and makes my pear shaped figure that much more obvious ):

and my fat percentage is unbelievably high pls. my weight is supposedly ideal for my height provided i lose about 3kg of fat and gain 2kg of muscle mass!

but one thousand dollars is alot if i think about it as one lump sum! that’s like 50 dresses. or 2 tiff&co necklaces. probably feed a starving african kid for 10 years  -___-

hoowwwww now brown cow. i dunnooooooo! 


anyway YZ & i had indonesian penyet at lucky plaza after that! so uber sinful and yummy. the sambal chilli can kill with its spicyness! 

wore out the grey knit throwover from 


thrown over a thin tank top and also my new necklace from 



went to FEP after that and left empty handed but with a full stomach instead >_> all the weekday dieting aint gonna help if i keep on eating on the weekends! help. just looked down at my jelly thighs and i now resolve to stick to my diet. but i just baked brownies and bought ice cream to go along with it! seriously. i’m sabotaging my own diet plans!

the sesame paste and almond cream didnt live up to my expectations though. not rich enough to justify the calories. hahaha. after about 3 mouthfuls i just felt like i was eating cream and all i could think about was how fattening it tasted -_- so YZ finished up both bowls instead. 


and QQ’s starting to grow bigger and heavier, she definitely feels more solid to carry now plus she’s getting naughtier! super cute because she likes to chase my chihuahua about and the chihuahua just hates it. 

can you spell C-U-T-E ttm



and what i wore today (Sun)

lotta top from 


see that joker behind me making funny faces!! -_-

anyway i’m feeling pretty depressed about the whole weight issue. i think i need to start regularly exercising again but i dont want to get tan (from jogging in the mornings) and i come home pretty late at night. need to figure out a way to motivate and force myself to exercise for weight loss! :((((

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