toiling through the night

just to amuse all you people happily asleep in your comfortable little beds that some poor soul out there in ang mo kio is slogging away at 5am…. (oops did i give away my location? oh wait no i’m in zimbawe. or some other ulu county you’ve never heard of)

and you get to see a sneak of what i’m working on too..
(TOP SECRET AND CONFIDENTIAL but a bad picture of it doesnt count)

i think i’m very deep down inside, secretly an anti-social loner. working in the middle of the night gives me a high. with the silent darkness and quiet whirring of the fish tank filter accompanying me through Lady Gaga from my headphones. not to forget my beloved yami. but it is so bad for the complexion and the dark eye rings. not that i can do anything to make my dark eye rings any better. so, i suppose it doesnt really make any difference at all. 

yami yogurt <3 alrightey to bed i go!

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