say hello to QQ

hi ^_^ i’m QQ. QQ stands for “cute cute” AREN’T I THE CUTEST THING EVER!

i’m about the size of your soft toy, but i am a puny menace. BEWARE!!!

i love wreaking havoc in my tiny enclosure.
my favourite game is to play Godzilla and try to upturn all my toys/food bowl with my cute button nose and chew on the metal enclosure!
i am so going to grow up to become a terror.

besides, i’m the Upstairs Dog now!!! the other two dogs can kiss my ass. they are all below me in the Goh Family Food-Chain. i get to sleep in Daddy and Mummy’s room in air conditioned comfort! poor Baby, the chihuahua is no longer the Upstairs Dog. i’ve usurped her position!

how the Dog Hierarchy looks like:

SO THERE. i am the cutest, most adored, and highest ranking dog in the house now! 

YOU may be bigger in size, but that doesnt mean anything now! i can do KUNGFU! HiiYAAHHHHH!!

and stop.. looking.. at.. me… like.. that!!! you monstrously gigantic and fat chihuahua!!!

and my bestest best skill in the world: acting cute! bet you cant win me at that.

and more:


i’m just toooo cute to be resisted! :)))) 

if you want to see more cute pictures of me, leave a comment and i’ll make sure my owner accedes to my royal order to take a million and one photos of me! <3

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